Every year, Bituminous Roadways, Inc. produces over half a million tons of asphalt for paving new roadways, athletic surfaces, trails, and parking lots. We work closely with our clients on every project. This way we can help our customers avoid common mistakes costing them extra time and money. How can we save you both? Read our short guide below on how you can prepare for your upcoming asphalt paving project.


Water is the number one asphalt killer. This is especially true when it is being placed. To avoid the issues resulting from moisture it is best to schedule your project during the time of year when it rains the least. It is also important for your asphalt pavement to have the proper drainage (slope) to allow the water to run off the surface avoiding pooling or standing water. Our paving crews are experts at checking and maintaining the drainage on all our projects.


Although most of our clients may not think about maintenance until after the project is paved, it is actually prudent to do it beforehand. We review our maintenance plan before the project begins, so our clients have a full understanding of what it will take to ensure a quality surface that performs well for up to 25 years.

Prepare the Site

A solid subgrade foundation is the first step to supporting an asphalt pavement structure.  Weak subgrades or subgrades with poor drainage can reduce the life of your pavement by causing distresses to occur earlier than expected. Additionally, in Minnesota, the cold winter temperatures make frost susceptible soils a significant issue.  Our grading crews can excavate any unsuitable soils, replace it with high quality subgrade soils for extra strength, drainage, and resistance to frost damage.

Anticipate Vehicle Weight or Traffic Loading

What types of vehicles can you expect to roll across your parking lot? If it’s a small facility, we’ll recommend asphalt layers thick enough to handle small cars and trucks. For parking lots handling large commercial vehicles, buses, and other large trucks, we will pave a thicker section to withstand the weight of the heavy vehicles. Traffic loading is critical to the pavement design and longevity of the asphalt.

Which Mixture is best for your Project?

We can manufacture asphalt using a variety of combinations of aggregates, liquids, and additional materials. This allows for flexibility in different applications. For parking lots, the asphalt mixture should be fine graded. This prevents moisture from penetrating the surface and provides a much smoother and better-looking pavement.


Hire Bituminous Roadways for your Next Paving Job

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