It is well known that a customer’s shopping experience is heavily influenced by the many interactions that occur during each trip to the store. Many companies put a strong emphasis on providing the best customer service because they know the employees’ interactions with a customer are important. Yet, the customer’s experience of your business really starts when they first turn into the parking lot. Will their first impression be a nice smooth ride, or will they encounter unsightly cracks, driven through overgrown potholes or park in a puddle of water? Creating a good first impression for your customers begins with the parking lot.


First Impressions: HarMar Mall

This is not new information for Bituminous Roadways’ client, HarMar Mall. Built in 1963, HarMar Mall has seen its share of asphalt pavement distresses. Years of wear and tear from both vehicles and tough Minnesota winters certainly did some damage. In 2016 and 2017, Bituminous Roadways was hired to perform a mill and overlay for nearly all of their parking areas. In 2016, the north and west parking lots and, in 2017 most of the southeast parking lot were rehabilitated. Instead of performing asphalt maintenance to the entire mall parking lot at one time, HarMar chose to focus on one section at a time.

As construction progressed on the southeast lot, the tenants whose stores would be affected were notified of the project schedule, so they could plan accordingly, and, to keep customers safe, Bituminous Roadways placed cones around each project area. Once finished with a segment of the parking lot, cones were moved to indicate a new traffic pattern and route for customers to follow.

The 2017 project began on July 25, 2017. Bituminous Roadways crews first milled the 17,800 SY area. Once milling was completed, the asphalt paving crews took over and paved approximately 4,000 tons of asphalt. In total, the project took nine days to complete. 

After paving the asphalt parking lot, HarMar Mall customers experienced an aesthetically pleasing parking area and a smooth driving surface. They no longer have to cringe when thinking about driving and parking in this lot, which is a great beginning to a positive shopping experience.

HarMar Mall

                           BEFORE                                                       AFTER

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