Site Work

Site Work in the Twin Cities Metro Area

Preparing a site for an asphalt paving project can consist of so much more than clearing trees, although that can be a big part of it. The site may require utility infrastructure work or installing a new storm drainage system, consisting of draintile to carry water runoff into a rain garden, pond or storm chamber.

Whether our customers are building from scratch or reconstructing a parking lot, preparing the site is a critical part of the project. Bituminous Roadways, Inc. (BR) has the capabilities to handle any site work needed for our customers’ asphalt paving projects.



The members of BR’s excavating and grading crews have many years of experience operating heavy equipment, and they know how to get the job done right. Excavating a site could include removing vegetation and clearing top soil, as well as sub-cutting and filling with new base material in order to properly set grades for the project. Because water is a natural enemy of asphalt, it’s important to consider a stormwater infiltration system best suited for the project. BR’s excavating crew can dig ponds, install draintile or build storm chambers. When plans call for replacing curb and gutter, repairing catch basins, or laying underground pipes and utilities, BR will excavate according to the required specifications.


Grading GPS

Once excavation is complete, it is time to grade the site to allow for proper water drainage. BR uses GPS technology to assist in this process. A 3-D grade control system allows BR to achieve more precise height and angles when grading, which in the end, provides more accurate results. This stage in any site preparation project is critical. If specifications are not meticulously met, drainage will become an issue.


Prior to asphalt paving, it may be necessary for concrete to be repaired or replaced. BR’s expert concrete crew can perform flatwork for sidewalks, repair curb and gutter, and install proper ADA slope requirements where necessary. This value-added service makes working with BR a one-stop shop.


BR takes safety seriously. Before any excavation begins, BR has taken the appropriate steps to ensure all phone, cable, gas and electrical lines have been located. Our crews discuss a safety topic weekly as well as undergo intense training throughout the year. Personal protection equipment is provided, and all personnel are required to wear a safety vest.

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BR has been in the paving business for more than 70 years, but we also provide expertise in site preparation. This range of capabilities allows BR to service our customers from start to finish with their asphalt paving projects.

We provide free estimates to fit the goals and budget of your specific project. Call us at 651-686-7001 or fill out our online form to schedule a free consultation. Our expert project managers will be happy to meet with you on site to discuss the best plan of action to move forward with your project.

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