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Cracks are difficult to avoid, however, the sooner they are sealed, the less chance they have to do real damage to your asphalt. The experienced professionals at Bituminous Roadways, Inc. will first route, then seal the cracks with a rubberized sealant to prevent water and other debris from entering the aggregate base layer. Knowing the causes of asphalt cracking will help you better prepare and take the necessary actions for repair.

Causes of Asphalt Cracking

  • Sunlight. Much like a sunburn, UV rays from the sun will age asphalt pavements. Through a process called oxidation, the UV rays cause the asphalt pavement to become gradually harder over time and eventually becoming brittle. The aged, brittle asphalt can crack much easier when exposed to traffic loadings or changing seasons.
  • Changing Seasons. The changing of the season from fall to winter can cause large temperature fluctuations. When the temperature quickly changes from warm to cold, the asphalt contracts too quickly causing a thermal crack to form. Pavements become more susceptible to thermal cracking when the temperature fluctuates between warm and cold frequently. Additionally, the changing of the season from winter to spring presents a different issue. As the snow, frost, and ice begin to melt, the water can become trapped between the pavement and the still-frozen soil below. This causes the aggregate base and subgrade soil to become saturated, weaker, and more susceptible to cracks from traffic loadings.
  • Traffic Loadings. The flexibility of asphalt allows the pavement to bend slightly as vehicles travel across the pavement, and each time the pavement flexes, a very small amount of damage is caused. Heavier vehicles cause more damage than light vehicles, and aged asphalt pavements are more damaged by traffic than new asphalt pavements. Additionally, a saturated, weaker aggregate base and subgrade soils, caused by the changing seasons, allows even more damage to the asphalt pavement. Eventually, these repetitions of a small amount of damage add up and cause the pavement to crack.
Asphalt Cracksealing in Minnesota

Asphalt cracksealing is an important step to take for the maintenance of your asphalt surface because it helps to prevent larger maintenance projects down the road. Even the smallest cracks can easily turn into larger cracks, craters and dangerous potholes. Done properly and frequently, asphalt cracksealing can easily extend the life of your asphalt.

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At Bituminous Roadways, we provide our customers with superior asphalt paving services, including pavement maintenance, throughout the Twin Cities metro area. It is our goal to help you keep your asphalt smooth and safe for years to come. For top-quality parking lot repair in Minneapolis, MN, give us a call at 651-686-7001 or fill out our online form for a free estimate.

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