Asphalt Reclaiming in the Twin Cities

Asphalt pavement is only as good as the subsoil it’s built on. If your retail center, office building, or apartment complex parking lot is ready for a mill and overlay, reclaiming might be a better option.

Reclaiming is a technique where a reclaiming machine pulverizes the asphalt and blends it with a portion of the material underneath. By recycling the asphalt in place, the old material doesn’t need to be trucked off the job site, saving our customers money. This also saves time and allows projects to be completed more efficiently.

Reclaiming creates a better subbase for the new asphalt and could be a good alternative to a mill and overlay should the soil be questionable.

Let’s Talk About Asphalt Reclaiming for Your Project

To find out if your asphalt pavement project is a good candidate for reclaiming, contact our expert estimating team at 651-686-7001 or complete the online form.

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