Soil Stabilization

Twin Cities Soil Stabilization Services

There comes a time when asphalt pavement is nearing the end of its lifecycle. Each pavement area can be different in terms of how extensive the repair may be to increase its longevity.

When the asphalt pavement at your office building, apartment complex, or retail center has excessive fatigue cracking and multiple potholes, along with poor subsoil, then soil stabilization may be the best option.

Our Soil Stabilization Process

The process of soil stabilization injects a cement product into the subsoil using a spreading truck. Then, a reclaiming machine is used to pulverize and blend the aggregate base, subgrade soils, and cement to create a new, stronger base material.

In cases where the subsoil is wet or swampy, like clay, it is critical to strengthen the base to produce the best long-lasting paving result.

BR Offers Soil Stabilization Consultations

To find out if your asphalt pavement project may need soil stabilization, contact our expert estimating team at 651-686-7001 or complete an online form.

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