BR Core Values


Bituminous Roadways, Inc. is a premier asphalt pavement production, construction, maintenance and rehabilitation contractor with underground utility capabilities, serving the 7-county metro area. For more than 75 years, we have offered the best solutions to customers in the commercial, industrial, retail, religious, government and institutional markets.


The purpose of Bituminous Roadways is to create a growing, enduring and successful company with great people and expanding opportunities.


The core values of BR are the guiding principles by which we navigate our company.


Safety in the workplace is a mutual responsibility of the employer, management and all employees. We value human life. Our goal is that every BR employee who leaves their family in the morning to come to work, returns home each night in good health. Working in the asphalt paving industry can be laborious, and depending on your job description, require physical strength and stamina. Therefore, creating a positive safety culture is critical to keeping everyone safe.

EMR Rating

Every three years, Bituminous Roadways is given an EMR (Employee Modification Rating). This EMR is based on work compensation claims, employee lost injury time, number of employees and number of hours worked. A company’s EMR is critical as it could mean they secure more or less work. In the construction industry, BR is specified as a highway heavy contractor. Among other companies in this category, BR has an EMR rating of .47. The industry standard for our category is 1.0. Any number below a 1.0 is considered good. Any number above a 1.0 and the company could be considered an “unsafe” contractor. For BR, our commitment to safety and the development of strong safety procedures and practices has helped us achieve this excellent EMR rating.

Safety Awards

Minnesota Governor’s Workplace Safety Award - 2023
LECET Safety Driven Award of Excellence – since 2007
CHASE Safety Award – since 2004


As Aristotle, once said, “Quality is not an act, it is a habit.” At BR, we chose quality as our best business plan. In everything we do, from installing asphalt, grading a work site, pouring concrete to paying our bills, providing good employee benefits and interacting with customers, we do it to the best of our ability and consistently. By being consistent in our quality, employees, vendors and customers know what to expect.

Quality Awards:

MAPA Parking Lot Paving Excellence Award – 2023
Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction Magazine Award, Vaughn Field, Shakopee High School running track – 2017
Merit Award for Bituminous Surfacing (MNDOT-County Road), CSAH 130 in Maple Grove - 2017


“Do unto others as you would have them do until you.” This simple statement carries so much weight. When interacting with co-workers, customers or vendors, it is so important to be respectful. It promotes healthy relationships inside and outside our organization. Respect (or disrespect) is something people remember and return. Our business depends on building respectful relationships because this in turn builds an enduring and successful company.


One might define integrity as being honest, and BR takes it one step further. BR defines integrity as doing the right thing, whether someone realizes it or not. It’s choosing your thoughts and actions based on values rather than personal gains. Living a life of integrity shows in all aspects of our interactions. If you live by integrity, you build trust. You establish this trust with your co-workers, customers and vendors, and pretty soon, you have repeat business and loyal employees. Ultimately, this trust evolves, and the business grows.

Integrity Awards:

Twin Cities Family Business Award Honoree – 2021


Commitment is the bond employee’s share with their organization and with each other. The goal at BR is to make employees feel welcome and ensure they understand how they can play a part of creating a successful company. Committed employees bring exceptional value to the organization through their support, productivity, determination, reliability and quality. Commitment shows and can be contagious.

Commitment Awards:

AWC 5 Year Member – 2023
AGC Continuous Membership Award (55 years) - 2021

By aligning our employees with these core values, we are ensuring our customers we will work with integrity, we will strive for quality, we will demonstrate commitment, we will be respectful and we will promote safety throughout our organization.

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