Why Choose Asphalt?

Why Choose Asphalt?

Did you know that ninety-four percent of all paved surfaces in the United States are paved with asphalt? Why is asphalt the number one choice by engineers worldwide? Believe it or not, asphalt wins when it comes to environmental considerations. Asphalt pavements have a very low carbon footprint, and they allow the conservation of precious natural resources through recycling. Asphalt pavement is the nation’s number one recycled material. Ease of asphalt pavement construction ensures a lower initial cost versus concrete and can be designed durable enough to withstand any type of load. Routine maintenance can allow the pavement to last a lifetime while providing a lower life-cycle cost.

Other Benefits of Asphalt

  • Asphalt is smooth and comfortable. Asphalt is a popular choice among the public because it gives them a smooth, quiet ride. It’s lack of construction joints and rocky surface increases fuel efficiency, reduces wear and tear on their vehicles, and makes for a quiet ride.
  • Asphalt is cost efficient. Due to asphalt’s recyclability, its production costs are low. The savings that come with recycling asphalt make the process more economical. Asphalt is also cost-efficient because of its short construction time. This saves both time and money.
  • Asphalt is safe. Asphalt’s smooth surface allows for optimal water drainage, which reduces water spray, therefore, improving driver visibility in wet conditions. Its dark color helps reduce glare for drivers while contrasting striping colors making them easier for drivers to see.
  • Asphalt is quick to construct and maintain. Asphalt does not require “cure” time, unlike concrete. This benefit allows motorists to use the roadways sooner rather than later. This is incredibly beneficial for busy roadways because it means fewer delays and safer roads for the public.
  • Asphalt is flexible. Asphalt surfaces can be tailored (formulated and designed) to support the traffic load and climate conditions specific to the parking lot or road. Its flexibility allows it to adapt to its environment and withstand rutting in the summer and the harsh freeze/thaw cycles of winter.
  • Asphalt is 100% recyclable. Asphalt is 100 percent reusable, meaning that practically all of the reclaimed asphalt is either reused or recycled. This makes asphalt such a popular, modern-day material. We are preserving our natural resources, by reusing the same material over again.

For further information visit the Asphalt Pavement Alliance’s “Why Asphalt.”

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