Water Quality

Water Quality Improvements for the Twin Cities

Did you know BR has the capability to help improve the water quality of small creeks, ponds, or other waterbodies? Our experienced underground utility crews also know a thing or two about water quality improvement processes.

Whether your property has a pond that isn’t looking too good or the creek is showing signs of serious bank erosion, we have the knowledge and the know-how to improve these water quality issues.

Water Quality Improvements

BR performs water quality improvement services, such as sediment control structures, infiltration basins, stormwater runoff basins, stormwater ponds, and floatable separators.

Wetland & Creek Restorations

Our experience in this area includes riprap, creek, and pond sediment removal, bank erosion and stabilization, and wetland restoration and habitat.


As part of BR’s “Beyond Roadways” capabilities, we can dredge small bodies of water.

Sediment and silt make their way into ponds, creeks, and other waterbodies by way of stormwater run-off. Eventually, this run-off causes water quality issues that endanger fish, waterfowl, and other aquatic wildlife.

By dredging, facility managers, business owners, or homeowners associations can restore the quality of the aquatic ecosystems for plants, fish, and wildlife. It will remove unwanted nutrients from the sediment therefore improving water quality.

Finally, dredging will reduce water cloudiness and bad odors emitting from the water.

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