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Trails and Pathways

Trails and Pathway Paving

Create a Safe Recreational Pathway or Trail in Minneapolis, MN
Minnesota has been recognized for having one of the most progressive trail systems in the Midwest. In fact, according to several recent polls, Minneapolis is considered the best bike city in America!

With the increased popularity of eco-friendly travel in the Twin Cities area, the demand for new trails and pathways is at an all-time high. It is important to remember that although new pathways need to be paved, old ones will require routine maintenance to keep them operational. While a smooth path provides a pleasurable recreational experience, a poorly maintained trail is not only unappealing, but it can become a liability.

Keep your residents happy and safe with professional pavement installation services. Whether you need a bike path or walking trail installed or repaired, Bituminous Roadways is the asphalt paving contractor that will do it right.

Pathways and Trails are Used Everywhere in Minnesota!
Pathways and trails in Minneapolis and St. Paul are used for a multitude of recreational and professional purposes. Both in the public and private sector, pathways are a great way to improve aesthetics while providing convenience to residents, consumers, and pedestrians.

Some examples of where you will find asphalt trails and pathways:

  • Parks & Recreational Facilities
  • Golf Courses & Country Clubs
  • Town Home Associations
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Academic & Professional Sports Centers
  • College Campuses
  • Mall Outlets & Businesses

Trails and Pathway Asphalt Paving in Minnesota

Benefits of asphalt-paved trails:

  • Cost effective. Asphalt is quick and easy to construct/install making it more cost effective than other paving materials. Also, asphalt is 100 percent recyclable, allowing us to keep costs low by using recycled materials in our mixtures.

  • User friendly. The smooth surface of asphalt allows for a safer, more quiet experience for its users. It includes no joints or seams, which can be a hazard for bikers and rollerbladers. Asphalt’s flexibility is also more forgiving for walkers and joggers.

  • Aesthetically pleasing. The stunning, smooth, black surface of asphalt is popular with the public because it reduces wear and tear on tires/wheels and makes for a quiet ride.

  • Fast construction. The quick construction time for paved trails and pathways allows the public to be able to use them sooner rather than later.

  • Low maintenance. When asphalt maintenance is needed, the repairs are typically only required in small areas. The small areas of cracks and/or potholes can be repaired quickly and easily.

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