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How Soon Should I Crackseal My Parking Lot After Winter?

When it comes to providing your parking lot with sufficient asphalt crack sealing (cracksealing), there are a wide variety of environmental factors to take into consideration. Winter is certainly the most taxing season for asphalt, as the frigid temperatures force the asphalt to quickly contract, trapping frozen water below the pavement and causing cracking and frost heaving to occur.

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Building Long-Standing Relationships Is Key: A Deeper Look at Bit Roads & Edina Parks & Recreation Projects

Beginning an asphalt paving project with a new contractor can be difficult. The contractor isn’t as familiar with the customer’s codes, standards, or processes. If the customer is the park and recreation department of a city, there could be other factors in place when securing bids. However, once a relationship forms and grows, projects go more smoothly.

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How Can Spring Thaw Affect Your Parking Lot

Snow melting, severe rainfall, and increased traffic are just a few of the signs that spring is just around the corner. Click here to learn how spring thaw can affect your asphalt parking lot, as well as find out some general asphalt maintenance tips.

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