Beginning an asphalt paving project with a new contractor can be difficult. The contractor isn’t as familiar with the customer’s codes, standards, or processes. If the customer is the park and recreation department of a city, there could be other factors in place when securing bids. However, once a relationship forms and grows, projects go more smoothly.

Such is the case with Bituminous Roadways, Inc. (BR) and the City of Edina’s Parks & Recreation Department. For more than a decade, BR has assisted Edina Parks & Rec with multiple types of asphalt pavement work after going through a public procurement process.


[1] Outdoor Athletic Surfaces

Over the years, BR has reconstructed multiple tennis courts for Edina Parks & Rec, including Normandale Park, Pamela Park, Todd Park, and others. Our team has also resurfaced numerous basketball courts, including Strauchauer Park, Alden Park, and Todd Park. 

Paving outdoor athletic surfaces needs to happen with precision to include the appropriate slope for drainage. Standing water on tennis and basketball courts can cause damage over time to the playing surface. The asphalt installation process is handled meticulously by our crews. They are constantly verifying slope and correcting as needed. 

Not only has BR assisted in outdoor athletic surface paving, but we’ve been awarded bids on other projects as well. In most cases, the bidding process does come down to price. However, having a good working relationship and trust in a contractor also has its benefits.

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[2] Other Asphalt Paving & Maintenance

BR has been awarded projects big and small, such as pothole repair, cracksealing, and trail maintenance, as well as new construction paving and complete reconstruction.

BR has also been awarded work through other City of Edina departments, including public works, engineering and the golf course. Completed projects include cart path maintenance, street reconstruction, and parking lot rehabilitation. 

A definite advantage to establishing a relationship with an asphalt paving contractor is the history it builds. The contractor knows the sites, understands what maintenance has been done and has an idea of what future work is needed.

The trust that is established between contractor and customer is critical. Having established a good working relationship means the customer isn’t spending a ton of time on site, because they know the job is being done – and being done right! And if there is a hiccup, a phone call is all it takes to ensure the proper solution is being worked out.

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