If you own an asphalt parking lot in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area, hiring a contractor to repair, resurface or replace asphalt is a considerable investment in your property. Therefore, you should take the necessary steps and do some research to find the best one for you. At Bituminous Roadways, Inc., it is our goal to help our customers by providing useful information about asphalt contractors.


Key components to consider before hiring an asphalt contractor:

● Scope of work

● Certifications

● Reputation

● Experience


Scope of work

Ensuring your competing quotes are “apples to apples” can be challenging. A written scope with clear and concise direction for your project is recommended. Whether you are rehabilitating the existing pavement or constructing a new pavement, there are many factors involved. Below are some factors to review on competing asphalt contractor quotes to ensure you are comparing “apples to apples”:


● Excavation and construction areas should be the same on all quotes.

● Compacted asphalt thickness should be the same on all quotes.

o A general rule of thumb is 1 inch of asphalt paved “loose” results in ¾ inch of compacted thickness. The quoted thickness should state the compacted thickness.

● Asphalt mix design should be the same on all quotes.

o The mix design will be dependent on the type and amount of traffic in the paving area and the desired performance. There are hundreds of different mix designs and the difference in cost and performance vary greatly (Consult with your estimator for recommendations).

● When reconstructing the aggregate base, make sure the excavated thickness and compacted thickness of the new aggregate base are the same on all quotes.

o Discuss with your contractor to determine if reusing the existing aggregate base is suitable or if your project requires a new aggregate base.

● Finally, can your asphalt contractor handle any special project needs, including phasing a project for customer access, strict start and completion dates, Saturday work, etc? These are great questions to ask.



Everywhere you look, technology is rapidly changing, and so is the equipment asphalt contractors work with.


Sending staff to training and certification programs should be high on a contractor’s to do list. It is critical their field crew and superintendents stay educated on current practices and changes to equipment technology.   


Certifications. The Minnesota DOT provides many different certification classes on each step of the pavement construction process. Bituminous Roadways sends our entire team of estimators and our field supervisors, to be certified through MnDOT. Additionally, our field workers are required to be certified to operate certain equipment, and our foremen are sent to trade shows yearly to stay up to date with the newest equipment, technology, and techniques for quality construction. It might be wise to ask your contractor for more information about their certification and training programs.



What do you know about the company you are hiring to place or repair your asphalt? What is their reputation in the community and what type of direct experience do they have performing the work you need them to perform? There are many ways you can find this information.


● Word of Mouth. Who do you know that has recently had pavement work done on their property? Asking fellow business owners for their advice is a great resource.

● References. When discussing the job with a pavement contractor, ask for at least three references. Make sure to follow up on these references and ask specific questions.

● The Internet. Thanks to Google, Yelp, and social media, you can now go online and look for ratings and reviews of the company you are considering for an asphalt project. We encourage you to visit our website and look through the customer testimonials.



One last piece of information that might be helpful in choosing your asphalt contractor is their experience. How long has your contractor been operating? What do their operations look like? Do their core competencies match up to your project needs? If you are constructing a new building and in need of an industrial parking lot, you might not want to choose a contractor who only works on residential projects, or has little to no experience with industrial paving.


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