Asphalt surfaces are under a lot of stress in this part of the country. Once the weather begins to warm up from the bitter cold, you will begin to notice that your asphalt surface may be worse for wear. Minnesota winters are hard on asphalt parking lots, roadways, and trails, causing cracks to form or expand through freeze-thaw cycles.

Spring is an excellent time to assess the condition of your asphalt pavements, so you can start budgeting and preparing for any maintenance or rehabilitation your pavement may need during the summer.

When you reach out to Bituminous Roadways to request a quote, our estimators will conduct a thorough assessment of the property to determine the best solution for your asphalt maintenance needs.

What Happens During a BR Site Inspection?

When an estimator visits a job site, they look at multiple factors to provide the best solution for your project. Here are a few things a site analysis may include:

  • An extensive assessment of the pavement surface distresses.
  • Descriptions of the observed pavement distress, as well as insights into potential causes of the distress.
  • Descriptions of other pavement-related repairs, like curb and gutter, catch basins and striping.
  • An American Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance check. For a more detailed look into ADA compliance, Bituminous Roadways may recommend a third-party company to provide this information and expertise.
  • Recommendations and pricing for the best maintenance solution.

Assessing the State of the Pavement Yourself

If you are someone who likes to be informed and keep on top of your asphalt maintenance needs, BR has created a tool for you to do so. You can access our Pavement Condition Assessment tool and once every year, preferably around the same timeframe, assess the condition of your pavement. You may find that by using this tool, your pavement is deteriorating quickly and you must act fast or it is holding up well, and you have some time before making repairs.

If you feel your pavement is at a stage where maintenance is recommended after using the Pavement Condition Assessment tool, reach out to Bituminous Roadways so we can provide you with the information you need to make appropriate budgeting decisions.

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