Client: Stub & Herb’s


Bituminous Roadways, Inc. (BR) has a long history of being a highway-heavy paving company. Yet, BR does more than just “roadways.” A large portion of BR’s business each year comes from small and large private businesses. Whether its parking lot maintenance, reconstruction, or new construction, BR does it all, big or small. This spring, BR had the opportunity to reconstruct a small parking lot in the heart of the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis campus. Working in small areas can prove to be more challenging than a large highway project, but this project had a great outcome!


No Parking Lot is Too Small for BR

Bituminous Roadways has worked with the owner of Stub & Herb’s Bar since 2009, to maintain their asphalt parking lot. Over the last few years, the condition of the lot had deteriorated and it was now time to reconstruct. The restaurant sits on the corner of a busy intersection at Washington Avenue and Oak Street. The parking lot for Stub & Herb’s is only slightly larger than an NBA basketball court, and it is nestled between two buildings, Washington Ave. (where the light rail runs), and an alleyway to the north. Tight conditions definitely make a project more difficult, but BR is always up to the challenge.


The BR demolition team came in first and removed nearly 900 SY of existing asphalt and graded the parking lot to allow for proper drainage. The paving crew came in next and paved a 2” base course and then a 2” wear course of asphalt. No parking lot is too small for BR, and our crews successfully finished this job and made it look great! The hardest part was finding somewhere to park the equipment.


Happy Customers Means a Happy Business Owner

Owner Josh Zavadil commented, “The project went very well, despite a few hiccups due to weather, it was done on time and we are very happy with the look of the lot, especially how it [the parking lot] looked before the work was completed.” After the striping was done and the parking lot was completely finished, customers noticed. Josh states, “We’ve had very positive feedback from our customers. Most people can’t believe how great it looks.” Creating a good first impression starts with the parking lot and even repeat customers will appreciate a newly paved parking surface.


Bituminous Roadways can be your Preferred Pavement Partner

Contact Bituminous Roadways if you're in need of an asphalt paving contractor who will work with you and become your preferred pavement partner. Our company performs countless projects every year for small and large businesses. Whether it's patching potholes, sealing cracks, applying sealcoats, or reconstructing the entire parking lot, BR can get the job done, no matter the size.

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