Just as asphalt roadways can develop severe potholes, cracks, and other forms of deterioration without regular upkeep, so, too, can your business’s asphalt parking lot. That’s why budgeting for routine asphalt maintenance and repairs is so important. Over the long term, being proactive about parking lot maintenance will help you keep your pavement-related expenses as low as possible. Tending to routine asphalt repairs and upkeep will also help maximize the performance, appearance, and utility of your parking lot.

Not sure how to budget for your business’s long-term parking lot maintenance? Check out our helpful tips below.

Assess the Condition of Your Parking Lot

Performing a pavement assessment will alert you to any potential asphalt issues you may need to address presently or in the future. Whether your parking lot is relatively new or well-aged, a condition assessment is essential for estimating projected costs associated with several different issues that may arise (or already have).

So how do you administer an assessment? You’ve got a few options:

While you can certainly perform a preliminary DIY pavement assessment to get an idea of what your asphalt will require, ultimately, you’ll need to schedule a professional evaluation. Having expert insight into the current condition of your parking lot will help you better budget for its immediate maintenance needs, as well as potential issues that may need attention down the road.

Address Any Pressing Maintenance Concerns

If your pavement assessment reveals any asphalt problems in need of immediate attention, handle them as promptly as possible. Even minor issues can easily grow more severe in a single season, and waiting to address them will inevitably lead to more costly future repairs. Generally speaking, if your parking lot currently has any of the following issues, you should tend to them as soon as you can:

  • Cracks. Fissures in your asphalt can allow water and debris to penetrate beneath the surface and cause considerable damage. Cracksealing involves a rubberized sealant that prevents damaging substances from migrating into the pavement’s aggregate base layer.
  • Potholes. Holes in your parking lot can be a serious hazard to your customers and they can also present a threat to the integrity of the surrounding pavement. Asphalt patching can provide either a temporary or long-term solution for addressing potentially hazardous areas of pavement and preventing further moisture- and debris-related deterioration. 
  • Drainage problems. If your parking lot accumulates standing water or its existing water drainage systems need repairs, address these issues promptly. Pooling water can contribute to parking lot damage by deteriorating sealcoating and allowing moisture to percolate into the pavement itself. Once there, the water will begin to degrade the asphalt binder, which can encourage cracking, additional water intrusion, and further damage.

Budget for Future Asphalt Maintenance & Repairs

How much money should you allocate for asphalt maintenance? There’s really no definitive answer since your parking lot is unique, as are its potential issues. Your business’s budget for parking lot repairs and maintenance depends on several factors, including:

  • The age of your parking lot
  • The present condition of your asphalt
  • Whether your parking lot has drainage issues
  • Whether you plan to enhance or expand your parking lot in the future

As a general rule, you’ll want to set aside funds to perform the following types of asphalt maintenance:

  • Pavement assessments at one- to two-year intervals
  • Cracksealing at two- to three-year intervals
  • Patching fatigue cracks at four- to six-year intervals
  • Patching potholes whenever they develop
  • Pavement milling and overlaying at eight- to 12-year intervals
  • Sealcoating or emulsion at four-year intervals

Keep in mind that the above figures aren’t specific to your business’s parking lot. You may need to adjust your asphalt maintenance and repair intervals depending on the speed at which your pavement deteriorates over time.

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