Customer: StuartCo

Since 1970, StuartCo has been a presence in the Twin Cities property management market, building their portfolio to nearly 30 properties. This includes apartment buildings, townhomes, student housing, as well as a senior housing unit with memory care, independent and assisted living options.  Bituminous Roadways, Inc. has had the distinct pleasure of working with StuartCo, maintaining the asphalt pavements of many of these properties throughout the years. 

Uniquely, this summer, BR was called in to assess the StuartCo headquarters property in Bloomington for some possible maintenance work. After walking the site, it was apparent that a reconstruct would be the most appropriate plan of action to give StuartCo the best possible results.


Project Details

As part of the reconstruct, it was critical to address some ADA compliance issues. It was also important to consider the different traffic patterns of the lot. The main parking lot typically sees light duty traffic consisting of general cars and trucks. However, a 550 SY loading dock is accessible from this lot which sees heavy duty traffic requiring a thicker application of asphalt to accommodate the traffic load. Lastly, an existing catch basin was in desperate need of repair.

After receiving the go-ahead to move forward, BR’s excavating crews came in to remove the existing asphalt in the entire lot. Simultaneously, crews were repairing the catch basin, installing a concrete valley gutter to help with drainage, and reconfiguring the sidewalk to accommodate ADA slope percentage requirements.

Before the asphalt could be paved, the grading crew needed to make a few minor adjustments. When asphalt is excavated, there is always a little sub base that comes out with it. Because of this, additional Class 5 aggregate base was added to shape and complete a final grade.

Once this was completed, the paving crew moved in and installed a 2” base course of asphalt to the general parking area and a 3” of base course to the loading dock area, which accounts for the higher traffic loading. The final lift of asphalt was 2” throughout the property.

Striping was completed to the current ADA requirements to finalize the project.

Darren Jakel, StuartCo Vice President of Building Operations, commented after the project was complete: “Jeff Larson and his crew were great! The concrete crew also did a great job. They all worked together very well.” 


Bituminous Roadways Can Be Your Preferred Pavement Partner

Being a trusted vendor is important to BR. For this particular customer, we’ve been entrusted with maintaining the asphalt pavements of StuartCo’s properties throughout the Twin Cities Metro area. When the time came to address their headquarters’ lot, the call came to us. We strive to objectively provide the best solution for each job creating an end product that is long lasting. This is the backbone of our mission at BR, and we’re happy to be in a partnership with customers like StuartCo!

If you’re in need of an asphalt paving contractor who will work with you and become your preferred paving partner, then contact Bituminous Roadways. With more than 70 years in the industry, we provide dependable service and the highest level of quality asphalt paving in the Twin Cities metro area. Call us today at 651-686-7001 or request a consultation.