Bituminous Roadways, Inc. handles asphalt paving projects from small to large. For instance, a project could be as small as providing asphalt maintenance on a business’s driveway to reconstructing large parking lots for office complexes. In the case of Berkshire 16, BR’s project scope ranged from installing a new section of curb and gutter to paving a parking lot with more than 4,000 tons of asphalt.


For a project such as this, there are many working parts and pieces that must fall together. With an office complex, you may have a property manager who has hired the contractor, but individual business owners must be privy to the project. In order to proceed with the smallest amount of disruption takes communication and planning on the part of BR’s project manager.

In this case, one business owner wanted to rebuild the concrete of his storefront, just one business out of five housed in this complex. This part of the project was being installed on the north side of the building while the milling portion started on the south side of the complex.

The entire project was divided into three phases, to accommodate parking access for employees. From start to finish, the project took approximately three weeks to complete including removal and installation of concrete.

The following is a list of items Bituminous Roadways handled for this project:

-mill and overlay (43,100 sq. yards)

-remove existing curb and gutter (3,120 sq. feet)

-install concrete flatwork (5,570 sq. feet)

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