A significant part of the asphalt contracting business comes from work awarded through public bids. Many times, this is a school project, government project or perhaps a state funded roadway project. The bids are typically sealed, and the lowest bidder is awarded the project. When a city government project is awarded, in some cases, the project is managed by the public works department personnel.


In recognition of National Public Works Week (May 20-24), Bituminous Roadways, Inc. (BR) would like to feature a public works project we’ve had the pleasure of working on for the last three years for the City of Richfield.


Since the spring of 2017, BR has had the pleasure of working with the City of Richfield Public Works Department on three extremely large paving projects. All of them included a mill and overlay of several city streets. Not only did BR mill the old asphalt and place new, there were parts of each project where sidewalks were in poor condition and needed to be removed and replaced. In addition, there were areas where subbase soils were deteriorated, and additional Class 5 aggregate was hauled in and graded into place.

Asphalt Paving in Richfield


Through each phase of the mill and overlay projects, BR staff was in constant communication with the public works department representatives. For example, there were times when a certain portion of the project area may need to be pushed back due to a school in the area. In other circumstances, the city staff may have to go out ahead of our crews to repair portions of the street, like curbing, before the milling process can begin. Logan V., Civil Engineer from the City of Richfield commented about this very subject on a customer survey last year, he liked that BR had “great communication from project leaders.”


BR bids many jobs per year but having the opportunity to work with a public works department year after year adds to the ingredients of a successful project. We get to know their processes and they get to know our work. Thank you to the City of Richfield Public Works Department for their professionalism, expertise, and continued support of BR!

Asphalt Paving Richfield

Project Fun Facts:

●        During the 2017 mill and overlay project, BR milled approximately 308,000 SY of asphalt and placed 44,000 tons of asphalt.

●        Last year, BR milled nearly 265,000 SY of asphalt and placed 36,000 tons.

●        This year, the project scope includes milling approximately 265,000 SY of asphalt and placing 40,000 tons.

●        Each year BR has coordinated the mill and overlay projects, we have made efforts to reduce/avoid impacts to the properties participating in the annual City of Richfield all-city garage sale weekend (Thursday-Saturday).

●        On Tuesday, May 14, 2019, BR received a call from a City of Richfield resident who commented that her and her husband have been watching the project and were “very impressed.”


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