In 1979, WIRTGEN built their first cold milling machine designed to provide the asphalt paving industry an innovative rehabilitation technique. Based on technology from the mining industry, these machines use dozens of carbide-tipped bits on a fast rotating drum to remove a specified thickness from the surface of an asphalt pavement. With the invention of the milling machine, asphalt contractors can now remove and replace a portion of the asphalt pavement, which has several key benefits.


Cost Savings

Asphalt pavements are typically 4 or more inches thick, with a mill and overlay, only the top 1.5 to 3 inches of the pavement are removed and replaced with new asphalt. This process is faster than a full reconstruction, reducing costs by saving time as well as materials.


New Fresh Surface

While a mill and overlay is not the same as a brand new pavement, it certainly looks like it. Replacing the surface of the pavement revitalizes the curb appeal of your parking lot. If you ask us, there is nothing better than the look of fresh new pavement.


Drainage Corrections

In some cases, exactly 2 inches of pavement will be removed by milling the surface, but most of the time our milling crew will be milling at variable depths in order to improve the drainage of the parking lot. Better drainage is the best way to fight one of asphalt’s natural enemies (“Water”).


Adds Strength

Well-designed pavements with a strong aggregate base and adequate thickness to support the traffic loadings will deteriorate from the surface down. Therefore, mill and overlays are an important part of the pavement lifecycle as they remove the deteriorated surface and replace it with fresh new asphalt.


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