Asphalt maintenance is crucial to maximizing the service life of your pavement. Routine maintenance slows the deterioration of your pavement by protecting it from its “Natural Enemies,” sun, air and water. Deciding which maintenance options are right for your parking lot, roadway, or athletic court or surface can be hard, but this guide will help give you some direction.

Patching           This process is necessary when asphalt pavement has completely deteriorated in a localized area. As potholes develop, a surface patch may be a quick, inexpensive fix. For a longer lasting solution, the full depth of the pavement needs to be removed and replaced. Potholes should be repaired as they appear before they become a safety hazard or cause vehicle damage.


Cracksealing    This process helps protect pavement by preventing water from entering the aggregate base layer. Cracks develop as the asphalt ages, caused by rapid temperature changes or by heavy traffic loads. Cracks should be sealed with a rubberized cracksealer after the edges have been cut to maximize adhesion. Asphalt pavements should be cracksealed approximately every 2-3 years.


Sealcoating      Sealing asphalt improves appearance, extends the service life of the pavement, and lowers maintenance costs by slowing the effects of oxidation and water penetration. Depending on the type of sealcoat, they should be applied approximately every 3-7 years.


Overlaying         An overlay adds a layer of new asphalt 1.5-2.5 inches thick over the existing pavement. Overlays add strength to the pavement and improve its curb appeal. Prior to the overlay, areas that need attention should be repaired first. Overlays should be placed when the pavement is in moderate condition, typically when pavements are between 8-12 years old.


Bituminous Roadways Inc.’s maintenance estimators are ready to help you choose the right maintenance technique to be applied at the right time. Our maintenance services will ensure your asphalt keeps employees and customers safe and improves your property’s appearance and functionality. Asphalt is our specialty. Trust us to repair, install, or maintain your asphalt to give you a roadway or parking lot you can be proud of.

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