For some projects, Bituminous Roadways, Inc. is hired as not only the asphalt paving contractor, but the general contractor as well. On these jobs, we have the opportunity to work closely with the client and the engineering firm to build a parking lot from the specifications provided and bring a project full circle.


The Church of St. Pius X was in need of a parking lot update. The current lot had reached the point of its life span where the use of preventative maintenance techniques was not an option. As the church started the process of a parking lot reconstruction project, they were informed of additional storm water management requirements. The scope had now increased to include parking lot reconstruction as well as developing an upgraded storm water management system, which included installing erosion control techniques, multiple catch basins and a new retaining pond.


BR’s excavating crews got to work right after the Fourth of July holiday last summer. The first task was to remove the existing asphalt pavement and dispose of it. From there, we could remove the existing retaining wall, concrete sidewalks, curb and gutter, storm pipe, and landscaping. As part of the project, electrical poles also had to be removed. Once everything was removed, we had a clean slate to start over and build the new storm water management system, one that would tie into the roof drains and down spouts. In addition, concrete sidewalks and curb and gutter were installed.


The grading crew was up next. In order to provide a solid base for the asphalt, Class 5 Aggregate was installed and graded to exact specifications. This allows for the proper drainage from storm water runoff.


Finally, it was our asphalt paving team’s time to shine. The project was paved in two phases, first with a 2” asphalt base lift installed. And then, the 2” asphalt wear course was paved, totaling nearly 3,600 SY of asphalt. As part of the project, and to become ADA compliant, the parking lot was required to have upgraded signage installed.


Throughout the project, Brian Zimmerman from the Church of St. Pius X, was very involved. He stated, “The Church of St. Pius X is extremely proud of their beautiful parking lot constructed by the hard working men and women of Bituminous Roadways.” He went on to say, “BR completed the project on time, surrounded by a busy parish community and school. We appreciate their professional attitude and helpful suggestions.”


It is our pleasure to help customers at any point in their project, whether it’s a pavement assessment to determine the right course of action, or being the general contractor, where we handle all of the project details.


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