Bituminous Roadways, Inc. (BR) has a strong reputation in the asphalt industry. This is because we emphasize quality and safety. At BR, we take safety seriously and are continually improving and updating our safety programs and equipment to ensure we are doing our best to maintain our safe reputation. So, how does BR work safe?

First, we engage in voluntary periodic inspections which certify us in Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) backed programs such as: The Construction Health and Safety Excellence (CHASE) program. The inspections ensure BR is following state-wide regulations in a number of different safety categories.

Next, BR has developed safety programs our crews enforce and utilize in our day to day operations. We start our day with a daily huddle in which our employees review the scope of work and any safety concerns that are present on the jobsite. During, or following the huddle, our employees are expected to stretch using a stretching program created by BR as a guideline. Before and while working on site, we also expect job safety analysis to be completed for each project. The analysis is typically completed by: estimators, foreman, supervisors, safety committee members and/or the safety manager. Any discrepancies are discussed and remedied as soon as possible.

In addition to daily safety check-ins, once a week the crews are asked to review a safety topic in the form of a Tool Box Talk (TBT). These talks are meant to keep safety in mind and reinforce safety procedures we commonly deal with. TBT’s also give superintendents and foremen an opportunity to discuss any safety concerns with their crew.

On a monthly basis, BR holds a safety committee meeting which is comprised of employees who work in the field and in the office. This is a great opportunity for any member to bring up safety topics that they have heard, seen or experienced out in the field. And all BR employees are asked to bring any concerns to a safety committee member or management so they can be discussed in this setting and resolved. The goal of the safety committee is to address and attempt to mitigate all safety concerns. The committee also reviews and updates safety policies during safety committee meetings.


Safety App

In order to keep safety top of mind, and at the fingertips of our employees, BR created a safety app! All of the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for the chemicals employees may come in contact with are easily assessable with the app. This will be of utmost importance in an emergency situation where crew members may have to show a SDS to a physician. Also included in the app is a list and a map of the clinics our company is affiliated with, again, making emergency situations easier to handle with the information available through the app. In addition, crew members can complete a near miss or accident/incident report form right on the app, which sends an email directly to our safety manager so paperwork isn’t getting lost in the shuffle. Finally, the Tool Box Talks mentioned above are all available on the app.


Training Opportunities

BR is also focused on safety training. We hold a meeting at the beginning of every asphalt paving season to reiterate our commitment to safety and to increase safety knowledge. At the spring meeting, we invite guest speakers to discuss topics such as: defensive driving, underground utility hits, safety data sheets, and physical health. We also hold CPR training, mine safety refreshers, and reasonable suspicion training. BR requires all of our field employees to complete an OSHA safety class within one year of working with the company.


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