Partnering with Clients is Key: A Case Study


Client: Hennepin County

Building strong, trusting relationships is key to ensure all projects are completed on time and on budget all the while exceeding customers’ expectations. This concept is the foundation upon which Bituminous Roadways was built more than 70 years ago and it still rings true today. Our goal is to become a partner with our clients, to help educate them about the asphalt paving process and keep them informed from the start of the project all the way through to completion.

We serve a variety of clients including, property managers, building owners, general contractors, local municipalities and state agencies. In some cases, Bituminous Roadways works for a general contractor as the paving subcontractor, but also has experience managing projects as a general contractor. Being in partnership with our clients is our goal for every job, and one particular project from 2017 is a great example.


2017 Hennepin County Project 1658 Details

In 2017, Bituminous Roadways (BR) was the general contractor managing a multi-faceted roadway project for Hennepin County, MN. This project consisted of a 134,000 SY of milling, 7,000 LF of curb replacement, 200 utility structure adjustments, 41,000 tons of hot mix asphalt and 380,000 LF of pavement markings. A total of six county roads were included.

A project of this size takes a considerable amount of coordination. During this project, BR managed several subcontractors and outside agencies. One particularly busy stretch of roadway included in this project spanned three different municipalities. To coordinate this portion of the project, BR secured the proper traffic safety signage from a vendor, reached out to local law enforcement agencies to help control the traffic at busier intersections and kept in constant communication with the project manager. Another area of the project required BR to mill and pave a busy stretch of roadway in Maple Grove overnight. While this is not uncommon for BR, it is a more challenging work environment, requiring proper lighting for working at night, and additional safety requirements.


Meeting Workforce Goals

When working as a general contractor for a county agency, there are specific workforce goals that must be met. This is a critical part of the project, and BR was diligent in managing the workforce goals for Hennepin County to include 32% minority, 6% female and 5% Small Business Enterprise (SBE).


Becoming a Resource

For BR, it’s not only about doing the work, but it’s also about becoming a resource for our clients. Whether we’re educating clients about the asphalt paving process or providing other services and materials, we want to be there for them. For Hennepin County, BR has partnered on numerous asphalt milling projects as well as supplied asphalt materials. Often the county will contact BR to consult with our team about projects and the best way to move forward. This is the kind of partnership BR strives for.


Award Winning

Over the past four years, BR has managed two major mill and overlay projects for Hennepin County. In November 2017, BR was recognized by the Minnesota Department of Transportation and received a Merit Award for the work completed on the Hennepin County Project 1658. This award recognizes outstanding work performed by BR and its team.


Bituminous Roadways Can Be Your Preferred Pavement Partner

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