Spring is almost here! This means you may begin to notice that the condition of your asphalt pavement is less than optimal. Minnesota winters are hard on asphalt parking lots, roadways, and trails, causing cracks to form or expand through freeze-thaw cycles. Spring is an excellent time to assess the condition of your asphalt pavements so you can start budgeting and preparing for any maintenance or rehabilitation your pavement may need this summer.


You can identify some of the distresses occurring in your asphalt pavement by using the Pavement Distresses Guide Bituminous Roadways has created. The guide includes information on typical pavement distresses as well as quick recommendations for potential maintenance options. This is a great place to start, especially if there are just minor distresses. If you really want to get to the heart of your pavement issues, a more in-depth pavement assessment will give you the information you need to make appropriate budgeting decisions.


A Bituminous Roadways’ pavement assessment can give insight into why the pavement failed and what maintenance options will be best suited for the project. Knowing what conditions are present at the surface and discovering what type of soil is below the surface will help Bituminous Roadways create a solid work plan to provide our clients with the best pavement maintenance solution.


Each assessment includes:

● An extensive visual assessment of the pavement surface distresses,

● A rating of the pavement (0-10),

● Photos and descriptions of the observed pavement distresses, as well as insights into the potential causes of the distresses,

● Photos and descriptions of other pavement-related repairs (like curb and gutter, catch basins, striping, etc.),

● An Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance check,

● Recommendations for maintenance and/or future rehabilitation.


Additionally, pavement cores can provide further insight into the pavement condition and the overall pavement structure, allowing for more accurate design and maintenance recommendations. Pavement cores include:

● Drilling several 4” cores into the pavement

● Measuring each core’s thickness (the thickness of the pavement)

● Inspecting each core for distress or signs of previous maintenance activities

● Testing the strength of the aggregate base and subgrade soils using the dynamic cone penetrometer (DCP)

● Using a hand auger to access the aggregate base and subgrade materials to determine the thickness of each layer and the type of material.




For more information or pricing details about Bituminous Roadways’ pavement assessments please contact your BR representative or the engineering department at 651-287-6081.


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