At Bituminous Roadways, Inc. (BR), we are your source as an industry leader in providing superior asphalt paving services, and we have decades of experience helping government agencies, organizations, private businesses, and companies in the Twin Cities with asphalt installation and repair.

Quality, safety, commitment, integrity, and respect are the five core values our employees follow daily to create an exceptional work environment that extends to products and customers. It is the quality value that is the “best business plan,” and since BR creates all its own materials, the quality department works hard to ensure the product is always up to MnDOT standards. This is completed through daily and weekly testing, coring, adjustments, and communication.

Learn more about the quality department at BR and how they maintain this value every day!

What Does BR’s Quality Department Consist Of?

At BR, the quality department exists to verify that all the products produced and used are following the MnDOT specifications. Daily testing is required based on the production done, and some materials are tested weekly, while others are just when needed.

The department consists of sampling and testing, coring and core testing, core exploration (both pre-and post-bid), and aggregate sampling and testing.

How Big Is the Quality Department & How Is It Structured?

BR currently has four different asphalt plants spread out amongst the Twin Cities Metro, including Columbus, Inver Grove Heights, Minneapolis, and Shakopee, each with its own materials testing lab. Across these locations, there are four lab technicians, one lead lab technician, and one materials quality manager.

Lab technicians test all products BR produces pre- and post-production, maintain lab equipment, and keep the labs clean. The lead technician handles daily scheduling along with assisting in daily lab needs, whether that includes completing testing, coring, or filling any other gaps as needed.

The materials quality manager oversees scheduling, performs daily huddles, visits the labs and lab techs, reviews test results, sends out adjustments, communicates with quality assurance representatives, and publishes/distributes reports.

What Do Tests Look Like & How Are They Completed?

All testing at BR is completed based on the MnDOT specifications and performed as so.

When product quality is not up to standard, the quality department will follow an escalation plan. Lab technicians will first immediately report this information to the lead technician or materials quality manager. From there, the manager or lead will review and adjust accordingly.

Changes will then be implemented, or production will be halted. Once the changes are made, production can resume, and testing will continue as normal.

What Is Coring?

Coring is very important procedure at BR, which includes going onto a site within 24 hours of paving and coring a hole in the new asphalt to verify that the proper density (compaction with the rollers) and thickness, per MnDOT specifications, is occurring.

Coring can also be done on a property where the conditions of the subbase are questionable, and an action plan is needed to determine how to proceed with the project. When coring, technicians can see what type of soil is under the asphalt, whether it’s clay, sand, or a type of aggregate. They can also tell how thick the asphalt currently is.

Based on the analysis of the information gathered during this process, estimators have a better idea of how to bid a project to make budgeting more accurate for customers. 

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