The success of any company can be determined by multiple indicators, profit and loss, growth expectancy, employee retention, among others. To be successful in all areas, company’s need a firm foundation. With more than 75 years of experience in the asphalt industry, BR has established that foundation. To build upon and grow, the company has established a set of essential core values for our employees to live by every day. To BR, these core values are not just inspiring words, we put them to work and apply them in all that we do. These core values are not only for our current employees, but a guideline for recruiting new employees. The ability for an applicant to show these core values is important to BR in moving them through the hiring process.

BR’s Core Values

The BR core values are: Safety, Quality, Respect, Integrity and Commitment. Let’s focus a bit on the integrity core value.


Having integrity at work can mean different things to different people. Here at BR, we feel integrity is more than just being honest and respectful. It’s about taking our commitments seriously and being proactive when we don’t understand what’s asked of us. Understanding expectations ultimately helps us be accountable for the results we produce.

Many traits can be associated with integrity; honestly, loyalty, respect, responsibility, and reputation. These traits are vital to building relationships with our customers and customers are the reason we exist.

There are plenty of other asphalt paving contractors in the Twin Cities, but we want to be the company people choose to work with, because of our integrity and reputation. For more than 75 years, we have been a leader in the industry by producing top quality asphalt products. But how does our reputation hold up? How does our integrity come across?

Recently, BR sent a customer satisfaction survey to customers whose projects were completed a month or two prior. The survey questions give customers an opportunity to rate our services and our product quality as well as the chance to answer some open-ended questions.

On one survey question, we ask, “what did you like best about working with BR?“ A customer from McGough Construction, Loren W., commented; “Prompt service, honest, kept promised dates in spite of weather or project challenges, some of which we were responsible for. BR is made of regular people who keep promises and tell the truth. That’s hard to find these days.”

A different customer, from Hegenes Properties, Inc., commented, “From beginning to end, Jake and the team were extremely professional, and honest. Never over promising, they were easy to trust, and we knew we would get what we were asking and paying for.”

These are just two examples of integrity at work at BR. Each of these customers worked with a different project manager on two completely different projects. 

An “integrity” check-in:

In a recent article published by our CEO, Kent Peterson, he asked BR employees to think about the following questions to check-in on their integrity meter:

1) Are you reliable and dependable?

2) Are you trustworthy, especially with high-risk tasks?

3) Are you practicing and encouraging open communication with your colleagues and managers?

4) Are you respectful, honest, and patient with your colleagues, managers and customers?

5) Do you have a strong work ethic and strive to produce high-quality work consistently?

6) Are you responsible for your actions, especially when you make a mistake?

7) Are you equipped to provide high-quality service to your customers?

This list of questions is meant to be reflective, for employees to think about where they might be able to improve. They are also meant to serve as a reminder of what BR as a company is striving towards, creating a growing, enduring and successful asphalt paving company with great people and expanding opportunities.

Choose Bituminous Roadways for Twin Cities Asphalt Paving

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