It didn’t take a magnifying glass to see the issues of the Stillwater Motors parking lot; alligator cracking, raveling, and more. It was getting to the point where something needed to be done, otherwise, it might have gone into further distress.

Facilities manager Rick Chase knew it was time to call an asphalt paving contractor. Here’s how the project went!

BR’s Jobsite Analysis

Before providing an asphalt pavement repair estimate to a customer, BR estimators visit the site and perform a jobsite analysis. They do a thorough walkthrough of the site, looking at what asphalt distresses are present, and determine what might be the cause of the distress. They will look at any concrete work that might need to be repaired, including sidewalks, curbs, and gutter and catch basins.

Upon inspection, the Stillwater Motors parking lot was a great candidate for a mill and overlay. The main parking lot was showing normal wear and tear, such as block or thermal cracking, raveling, and some fatigue cracking and alligator cracking.

For the most part, the lot was in good shape structurally, and there wasn’t much concern for the subgrade or base. This is why a mill and overlay was recommended, as well as to help extend the life of the existing asphalt. 

The project scope provided to the customer included concrete patching and a 2” mill and overlay with parking lot restriping, to be completed in two phases.

In addition to extending the life of the parking lot, a mill and overlay gave BR the chance to correct some drainage issues the best we could.

When performing the milling, the plan included some areas to not be milled as much, and some to be milled the full 2” depth as specified, also known as a profile mill. This provided a solution for optimal drainage without performing a full parking lot reconstruction.

What Other Repairs Could Have Been Recommended?

Given the condition of the lot, another asphalt contractor might have recommended just simply performing cracksealing and extensive patching, which may have not been cost effective long term.

They may have also recommended a sealcoat. However, all of these minor repairs would have just been a temporary fix.

If the customer would’ve proceeded this way, they might have been looking at a complete reconstruct sooner rather than later.

What Is Phasing?

When BR bid this project, it was recommended to complete the project in two phases. Why two phases to complete the work? 

Stillwater Motors is a very busy dealership, and with most dealers, their service side of the business is constantly busy. BR wanted to deliver the best quality product while being conscious of pricing.

But more importantly, BR was focused on being conscious of the business operations and creating as minimal of an impact as possible. 

Project Results

Working with the management team at Stillwater Motors, as well as the BR estimator and field superintendents, BR was able to produce a phasing plan that would work for the client. It allowed us to keep sales and service running as normal and included a phasing plan that would work for our paving operation to deliver the best quality product while delivering the least impact to our client. 

The end result: A fantastic looking fresh lot, a satisfied client, and lots of positive feedback! Praise came not only from the team at Stillwater Motors, but also plenty of positive feedback from folks shopping at the dealership.

A great collaborative effort and another successful project!

Owner, Daniel R. and Facility Manager, Rick C. commented:

“We just wanted to drop a note about our experience with Bituminous Roadways and the paving of the Stillwater Motors dealership parking lot. From the start of the project and working with Mike Assell (estimator/project manager), Mike Nelson (paving superintendent), and their team showed great expertise with their experience, plus being very informative. This allowed us at Stillwater Motors to achieve very competitive pricing that we felt comfortable with.

Bituminous Roadway’s team setup a wonderful plan and executed it perfectly, allowing our dealership to operate on all aspects of our business and allowing our customers to get to our Sales, Service and Body Shop areas, which allowed our employees to work without any major interruptions. Bituminous Roadways provided wonderful service and did a great job in a timely and professional manner. We at Stillwater Motors are very happy with the finished project.”

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