Chances are, if you are in the Twin Cities metro area in the summertime, you will see a Bituminous Roadways, Inc. (BR) truck, or employee performing work on a street or parking lot. Most people are attentive and follow traffic signage and speed restrictions while driving through work zones. Not to mention, there are heavy fines associated with not doing so. However, there is also a danger when walking through or near a construction site. The average person may not be aware of these dangers.


When we are fixing potholes, sealing cracks and paving roads, there are many dangers associated with these tasks that our employees are aware of and try to mitigate as much as possible. For someone on their lunch break, or going on a morning stroll, these dangers may not seem obvious, especially if they are not paying attention. However, there are things you can do to prevent injury when encountering a BR jobsite or a construction site in general.


Safety Tips:

Make eye contact with all equipment operators so they are aware of your presence. Operators have many blind spots, not to mention the noise and other responsibilities they have when operating this large equipment. It can be hard to notice people around the equipment.


➢       Keep a safe distance when walking near active equipment and never distract the operator.


➢       Pay attention to signs and safe routes. Don’t walk through areas that have been coned off or have signs restricting access. The signs are placed there for your safety and only work if they are followed.


➢       Don’t text and walk. Texting while walking can be just as hazardous as texting while driving. As the saying goes, “it can wait.”


➢       Stay off your phone all together, when walking near construction operations. Cell phones are distracting and will lessen your awareness, leaving you vulnerable to accidents.


➢       Never be afraid to ask one of our employees to escort you to your destination safely. BR employees are trained to be courteous and assist when needed. An employee will have the best knowledge of the site and can navigate through any obstacles.


➢       Keep an eye out for uneven terrain and holes. Watch where you are walking. Most asphalt paving operations require some digging and earth moving, which can lead to falls, if not navigated properly.


➢       Our employees strive to maintain safe construction sites. For your safety and theirs, please help them by following the above-mentioned guidelines.


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