While we are asphalt installation experts at Bituminous Roadways, Inc., our company also provides extensive utility services. One of these services is the installation and planning of stormwater infiltration systems.

Stormwater infiltration systems are important for all kinds of projects, as they protect from water and storm damage. It's essential to contract with a company that can individualize each project and offer the best solution for the problem at hand

In this guide, we'll go over some basic information on stormwater infiltration systems and their benefits. And, if you have questions, reach out to our team to learn more.

What Is Stormwater Infiltration?

After any rain or other precipitation, water has to go somewhere, and letting it pool on asphalt parking lots or roadways is dangerous to motorists and detrimental to asphalt. The solution for excess water is to incorporate stormwater infiltration systems into roadway and parking lot designs.

Stormwater infiltration happens when water is able to flow into the subsurface of the soil either through pervious surfaces or when directed to water collecting sources. From there, water can enter back into the groundwater table, water vegetation, or become part of the subsurface flow.

It's crucial to maintain good stormwater management techniques by decreasing the volume of  runoff around parking lots, roads, and buildings. Stormwater infiltration systems help ensure the best practices for stormwater management.

Best Management Practices With Stormwater Infiltration

At BR, we carry the knowledge of best practices for various approaches for stormwater control. To manage stormwater infiltration, our team works closely to meet design goals and installs systems such as stormwater ponds, infiltration ponds, porous asphalt, and stormwater chambers.

While the exact standards for stormwater infiltration can be quite technical, our team is experienced and ready to assist you with excavation and installation. We know how important it is for the environment and for the safety of your building, parking lot, or industrial project.

Our excavating and grading crews are trained to use heavy equipment and work in tandem with our utility crews to build these systems. You can trust our extensive background to recommend the proper stormwater infiltration solution.

Contact Bituminous Roadways for Your Stormwater Infiltration Project

The utility crews and excavation teams at BR provide assistance to many industries, including government agencies, industrial parks, athletic centers, and commercial businesses. With our extensive background in stormwater infiltration systems and asphalt installation, you can be assured you’re working with a full-service asphalt paving contractor.

If you have questions about our excavation services or about stormwater infiltration systems, reach out to learn more. Call us at 651-686-7001 to request a quote.