Warehouses and industrial complexes are areas that continue to be in demand. Even as some businesses continue working remotely, warehousing, manufacturing, and distribution centers need people, trucks, and machinery on site. With the expected growth of the parking lot industry in 2022, now is the right time to add or improve your industrial lots.

Industrial sites typically have large, heavy machinery parked in their lots. The day-to-day activity around warehouses includes semi trucks and large equipment driving from loading docks to main thoroughfares. Are your lots prepared for this amount of heavy traffic loading? Are you noticing cracks, potholes, or other pavement failures?

Bituminous Roadways, Inc. can get you back on track by providing maintenance techniques suitable for an industrial lot or specifications for a newly constructed lot.

Accurate Estimators

Rely on estimators who visit your worksite and assess all areas of your parking lot. Don’t skip loading areas, street entrances, or smaller employee parking zones. Different areas of your lot may require different strengths of pavement.

A good estimator will notice these areas and help you map where you need light-, medium-, or heavy-duty asphalt mix that will last longer and save you money on repairs. A good estimator will also assess what areas of your lot need repairs or replacement.

General Maintenance

Due to everyday use and Minnesota weather, pavements distress over time and require repairs to increase their longevity and extend your investment. In most cases, it is best to repair as soon as possible, for the safety of the people on-site as well as extending the lifespan of your parking lot before a full replacement is needed.

The most common repairs you might need on your lot include:

  • Pothole repair: When localized pavement is lost due to structural failures, it should be repaired quickly with patching.
  • Cracksealing: When cracks appear around your lot often due to weather, they should be sealed to stop water from seeping below the asphalt and deteriorating the aggregate base.
  • Sealcoating: When raveling of asphalt loss occurs in large areas over your lot, applying a sealcoating prevents further damage.

Complete Replacement

Due to poor original construction or heavily used older asphalt lots, industrial complexes may need a full parking lot replacement. This is also true of schools or office buildings being retrofitted as warehouses.Parking lots that weren’t initially intended for heavy traffic need to be upgraded to meet the demands of more trucks, larger delivery loads, and heavier equipment.

Your estimator should guide you on options for replacement. Depending on the quality of the base layer and soil underneath, your lot may require a remove and replace rehabilitation service, where the pavement is removed down to the aggregate, properly graded, and replaced with new asphalt.

Or, for more under-designed or older lots, you might want to reconstruct it and start with all new subgrade soil, aggregate base, and pavement that better meets all of your property’s specifications.

New Construction

When building a new industrial or warehouse building,  (asphalt really isn’t that affordable – especially when you’re talking about an industrial or warehouse location where there is very high amount of square footage) be sure you’re communication with your general contractor to specify different asphalt mixes ensuring all areas of the lot stand up to varying degrees of usage.

Find an asphalt estimator who works with your general contractor to zone your property for the proper lot construction. It is critical that the traffic load and strength of the subgrade be correctly determined to ensure the lot design for distribution centers and warehouses stands up to the traffic it will have.

With new construction, it’s also important to plan for drainage. Your parking lot project should include curb and gutters or catch basins that usher water off your lot to maintain a longer-lasting, high-functioning property.

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