Completing an asphalt paving project is no easy task. Whether it’s your business's parking lot, trails at a park, or your local street, many hours of labor and plenty of heavy machinery are needed to get the job done.

When you choose to hire an asphalt contractor, you may ask yourself an important question: what kind of people will be working on my project?

Bituminous Roadways has hired a recruiter to find qualified candidates for open positions. So, if you choose BR for your asphalt paving project, here’s what that means to you!

Most Qualified Candidates

The BR recruiter conducts diligent searches to find the most qualified candidates for the available position.Projects like parking lot paving, parking lot reconstruction or a mill and overlay are not only costly, but they also rely on competent, eligible employees to ensure quality work with the utmost safety in mind.

Recruits Will Hit the Ground Running

One of the many challenges of hiring new employees is training. Sometimes training a new employee may slow down an asphalt paving project. BR’s recruiter will do extensive searches for  candidates who are veterans in the asphalt paving industry. With knowledge and experience, these veterans can hit the ground running on day one, which will keep your asphalt paving project running smoothly and finish on time.

Highly Knowledgeable

BR’s recruiter will dive deep into each candidate’s application and their respective job history. BR’s recruiter will work to find the most knowledgeable candidates to fill our open positions. Hiring experienced individuals will apply a fresh perspective for problem-solving that other employees may not think of.

Guaranteed Quality Product

When BR’s recruiter hires employees ready to perform from the first day without hesitation, you can rest easy at night knowing your new parking lot or asphalt maintenance project will be completed with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Everybody Wins

BR’s recruiter is dedicated to finding hard-working, qualified individuals who will live by our core values. . By finding individuals who live by our values: Quality, Safety, Commitment, Integrity and Respect, our customers can be assured they will be well taken care of. BR offers a competitive salary and a great benefits package, so our new recruits will know they are being taken care of as well.

Happy employees mean quality work for you and BR, keeping costs down with efficient, on-time work.

Choose Bituminous Roadways for Your Asphalt Project

Bituminous Roadways prides itself on keeping employees and customers happy. When you need work on an asphalt project, including new construction and maintenance, you can count on BR!

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