Since we opened for business in 1946, our family-owned and operated company has become the industry leader and company of choice for the maintenance and construction of asphalt surfaces. While some people thrive in an office setting, others do better in a hands-on environment that requires constant human interaction and physical labor. At Bituminous Roadways (BR), we offer positions of both kinds. We want you to find the career that’s right for you and will get you to where you want to go.

If you prefer a more physically demanding job that involves machinery, teamwork, and dedication to producing the best product, you may be best suited for one of our skilled laborer positions. We have a plethora of positions available, which includes two different types of drivers. While each of our laborer positions require a different set of skills, this is what we are primarily looking for in our dump truck driver and lowboy driver positions:

Dump Truck Driver Qualities:

  • Ability to Follow Directions | This goes without saying, but as a truck driver for our company, you need to be able to follow directions and maps to get to and from job sites and other destinations quickly and effectively.
  • Ability to Load and Unload the Trucks | While this experience isn’t required when you apply, you do have to be dutiful during your paid training, so you can safely load and unload the dump trucks and help our team operate efficiently.
  • Ability to Communicate with Coworkers and Customers | By serving as one of our dump truck drivers, you need to be able to communicate with your fellow staff members, so we operate as efficiently as possible.
  • Ability to Manage Time Well | As a dump truck driver, many job sites depend on you being on time with your load, so they can begin to work on various asphalt paving projects. To be one of our drivers, you need to be detail-oriented and have good time management skills.

Lowboy Driver Qualities:

  • Ability to Load Equipment | While you do not necessarily need to have this experience prior to onboarding,  you do need to be a dutiful student during your paid training to learn how to properly and safely load the equipment we frequently use.
  • Ability to Make Decisions About Traffic and Weather Reports | As one of our lowboy drivers, we rely on you to make great decisions while on the road. This includes studying weather and traffic reports to determine if it is safe to drive, or if there are delays, a different route you could take. While some delays or weather events are unavoidable, we count on our drivers to be aware and make the best decisions.
  • Ability to Communicate with Jobsite Management | As part of driving a lowboy, you will have to load and unload different pieces of equipment, like pavers and excavators. When you arrive at your destination, you need to be able to communicate with the foreman to get your truck into the area and unload the equipment where it is needed. It is critical to stay in touch with trucking dispatch if you are delayed or experience any issues.

For each of our driver positions, we offer training, a supportive environment, a work-life balance that requires no overnight traveling, and a culture that encourages advancement and constant growth.

What We Look For At Bituminous Roadways

Since 1946, we have dedicated ourselves to providing the highest quality construction and maintenance of several asphalt pavement areas, like roads, parking lots, outdoor athletic surfaces, and more. With our constant dedication and growth, we consistently look for similar qualities amongst our employees, so we can ensure our company always has the right people on the job. Some of the non-job specific qualities we look for include:

  • Strong Communication
  • Time-Oriented
  • Detail Oriented
  • Safety Aware
  • Always Reliable
  • Thrive in Team Environment
  • And more

To learn more about what you need to know before joining our team and the additional perks that come with working for BR, contact us today.

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