At Bituminous Roadways Inc, we provide the opportunity to join our team through a number of operator positions. Operators are extremely important members of our company, as they are responsible for the function and operation of several machines and pieces of equipment. Prior to applying, you should take the time to understand the requirements and expectations that come with this role.

  • Properly Operate Equipment | Perhaps the most obvious requirement, an operator should know how to efficiently manage and operate the equipment and machinery associated with their job. Whether you’re a Skid Loader Operator or a Blade Operator, having complete knowledge and awareness of your equipment is critical to your success.
  • Work Well with Others | As an operator at BR, you will be part of a crew, which means you must thrive in a teamwork environment. Working with asphalt or prepping a site is no small task, and a cohesive team is critical to the success of each and every project. You should be willing to help where your assistance is needed in addition to working hard to achieve a common goal.
  • Perform Safety Checks | Ensuring each piece of equipment is working properly is extremely important for the success of the project, as well as your personal safety and the safety of others. As an operator, you will need to conduct equipment safety checks to ensure all pieces are working without issues.
  • Reliability | As an operator, you play an important role in the completion of every project, which is why you must be a reliable person. Showing up to work every day on time and completing responsibilities with efficiency are examples of ways to demonstrate your reliability as an operator for Bituminous Roadways.
  • Previous Experience | Because our operators take on important responsibilities, we prefer that our applicants have previous experience in a similar position or field. Having at least one year of experience can prepare you to take on the tasks and requirements of an operator.
  • Ability to Properly Communicate | Because you will be working with a team of other laborers and operators, you should be able to communicate properly. As an operator, you will need to communicate about various situations, unexpected issues, and directions. Additionally, you may be required to speak with customers, so prior to applying, you should ensure your communication skills are top-notch.

Benefits of Being an Operator

At Bituminous Roadways Inc, we want to ensure our employees feel valued. As an operator at our company, you will receive several benefits.

  • Variety of Options | Not only does BR work with asphalt, our company performs site work as well, which means we have  a variety of operator positions available to applicants. As an applicant, you can choose to focus on any of the following operator positions:
    • Skid Loader Operator
    • Backhoe Operator
    • Dozer Operator
    • Blad Operator
    • Milling Operator
    • Milling Ground Operator
    • Asphalt Roller Operator
    • Screed Operator
    • Paver Operator
    • Distributor/Tack Truck Operator

Our team requires our members to vary in areas of expertise in order to get every project done efficiently. However, if there is one area you are particularly drawn to, feel free to learn more about the position and apply.

  • No Travel Requirement | When you work with Bituminous Roadways, you can feel confident you will never have to worry about traveling or staying in hotels away from home. We don’t require our operators to travel out of town for extended periods of time.
  • High-Quality Equipment | At Bituminous Roadways, we want our operators running only the best and most efficient company-owned equipment. Our crew members operate high-quality machinery to get projects done. If you value working with equipment you can rely on, consider joining the BR team.
  • Paid Training | We provide paid training upon hire to ensure our employees feel confident in their work. Our operators take on important tasks, and we find the most effective way to help our employees do well at their jobs by ensuring they get the high-quality training they need.

Apply to be an Operator at Bituminous Roadways Today!

If you want to be part of an energetic and motivated asphalt construction company, apply at  Bituminous Roadways, Inc today. We strive to provide an enjoyable work environment where our operators feel valued and respected. Head to our careers page to learn more about the different operator positions we are currently hiring for. We look forward to learning more about your abilities and qualifications.