Finding a job that fits your work style is difficult but important. While some people prefer to work independently in an office setting, others thrive in positions requiring more movement and human interaction. If you’re the type of person who prefers a physically active job, consider joining a dependable asphalt paving company.


One way to get your foot in the construction industry is to start as an asphalt laborer. Asphalt laborers work in conjunction with machine operators to ready surfaces for grading or paving. It’s an active job with many benefits, including advancement opportunities and paid training.


At Bituminous Roadways Inc., we pride ourselves on our reliable team of asphalt paving crews. When hiring asphalt laborers, here are some qualities we’re looking for:


  • Skilled with Hand Tools | Because they are in charge of laying, pushing and pulling asphalt, asphalt laborers should have a knack for working with a variety of tools. If you’re hired for this role, working with hand tools will be a part of your everyday routine.


  • Comfortable Exerting Energy | Asphalt laborers face many physical challenges and have the opportunity to move around all day. They shovel, smooth, lift, push, pull, and carry asphalt materials, which requires a fair amount of physical labor and energy.


  • Ability to Follow Directions | Due to the variety of projects we take on here at Bituminous Roadways, as an Asphalt Laborer, you should be able to listen to directions carefully and follow them exactly. Properly following directions is key to ensuring our quality of work is satisfactory and consistent.


  • Time-Management Skills | Asphalt laborers almost always work with a deadline in mind. At Bituminous Roadways, we strive to complete projects in a prompt manner so our customers can enjoy their updated spaces as soon as possible. All of our workers, including asphalt laborers, must consistently complete their daily tasks.


  • Good Communication Skills | Asphalt laborers need to be able to communicate properly with other crew members, including the paving foreman and superintendent. Being an efficient communicator means confidently asking and answering questions and conveying various instructions and requirements to whoever needs the information.


  • Teamwork Mindset | Installing new asphalt isn’t a one-person job and should never be treated as such. At Bituminous Roadways, we pride ourselves on our cohesive environment built on teamwork. Our best candidates for asphalt laborers are those who thrive in a team-oriented system where they work with others to complete an overall task.


  • Driving Qualifications | In order to work as an asphalt laborer for Bituminous Roadways, it is highly recommended you possess a valid Class A CDL driver’s license and a clean driving record. We also require all applicants to pass a background check, physical examination, and a drug test.


Ready to start your career as an asphalt laborer? We’re always looking for hardworking and motivated people to join the Bituminous Roads team! Because we want all of our team members to feel passionate and prepared to take on the responsibilities of their roles, we encourage you to take time to fully understand the job you’re applying for. When you’re ready, apply here.

Benefits of Working With Bituminous Roadways, Inc.

There are several benefits to being a part of the Bituminous Roadways team as an asphalt laborer.


  • Opportunities to Advance | Asphalt laborers have the opportunity to move into a number of advanced positions, including Asphalt Roller Operator, Paver Operator, Paving Foreman, and Paving Superintendent. Bituminous Roadways provides a supportive environment where our employees feel encouraged to work toward advancement.


  • Paid Training | We want all our team members to feel prepared to take on their responsibilities, which is why we provide paid training. We understand confidence is a huge component of succeeding at any job, and our paid training provides what you need to excel.


  • No Travel Requirements | As an asphalt laborer, you can feel confident knowing you will come home every night. You will never have to worry about traveling far distances or staying in different hotels.


  • High-Quality Equipment | We want our employees to be the best at what they do, which is why our crew members have access to well-maintained, company-owned equipment. High-quality equipment helps our laborers succeed at what they do.


As an asphalt laborer at Bituminous Roadways, you can expect to face rewarding challenges every day. Our company proudly provides a learning environment where team members can continue to grow and advance in their positions. If you’re interested in joining us, fill out an application today! We look forward to meeting you.