Bituminous Roadways, Inc. specializes in asphalt repair and maintenance. In fact, we spend as much time maintaining older asphalt pavement as we do paving new asphalt. Why? Because over time asphalt experiences wear and tear and may become worn out. Asphalt needs to be maintained and repaired from time to time, allowing it to keep its resilience for up to 25 years. Developing a maintenance plan for your asphalt surface can help prevent serious damage and increase your pavements longevity.

Repair Before You Replace

If you discover your pavement beginning to crack or ravel, or you see potholes forming; then it is time to call our maintenance division. Our maintenance estimators can assess the pavement condition and recommend the most suitable maintenance plan for your project.

However, if you neglect your pavement when problems occur, cracks will only become larger and potholes will get deeper. These problems compound over time, and we may have to replace the entire area. As an owner you want to keep your expenses down, and your asphalt roadways, pavements and/or trails are no different from any other asset, maintenance is much cheaper than replacement. A full asphalt replacement may cost as much as twenty times a patch repair. Our team of asphalt professionals can help you keep your costs low and your surface healthy!

Ongoing Maintenance is the Key

At Bituminous Roadways, Inc. We are committed to building long-lasting business relationships with our clients. Whether you own an industrial or commercial property, we want to ensure your asphalt pavement is an investment that will last for two to three decades. Therefore, we can help you develop a maintenance plan to make sure your pavement is going to last.

We can repair pothole, seal any cracks, or reseal the entire area to keep the asphalt safe from Mother Nature. If your parking stall paint is faded, then we can restripe it so your customers can see the parking spaces and to ensure ADA compliance.

Optimize Your Property Value

If you foresee selling your property in the future, then you may want to give your asphalt surface a complete makeover. Attractive parking lots and roadways are a strong selling point. A nice asphalt surface will make a great first impression as soon as prospective customers pull into the property. New customers will also be more likely to become repeat customers if they notice it has been well maintained on the inside and out. We can help you prepare to sell your property by revitalizing the asphalt pavement.

Schedule your next Maintenance with Bituminous Roadways

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