We are fast approaching the winter season – with leaves falling and the temperatures dropping, the time for getting your last minute parking lot repairs completed is NOW! Potholes and cracks are serious business, particularly once the snow and ice take over. Winterizing your parking lot is crucial for protecting your pavement while ensuring a safe and easy to maintain surface throughout the winter months.


  • Inspect for low or settling areas: If you can catch these weak areas early, usually the cost for repair is minimal and can prolong the life of the pavement significantly.


  • Fill in Cracks (Crack-sealing): Sealing cracks to ensure that water and ice cannot penetrate the subgrade of your pavement is an inexpensive way to prevent excessive heaving and settling throughout the changing seasons.


  • Patch Potholes (Pothole Patching): Filling potholes that would otherwise allow water to penetrate and saturate the base of your pavement is also a cost effective way to avoid pavement settlement, further deterioration, or total pavement failure.


  • Clean off Pavement: Dirt and debris can corrode pavement if left on the surface all winter long. Leaves can also create dams, clog gutters, and force water to collect or not drain properly – resulting in more ice on the surface.


Identifying and removing any opportunity for water to collect and freeze reduces the risk of your parking lot turning into a skating rink – which is obviously dangerous for both pedestrians AND vehicles. Fall months are a perfect time to begin budgeting for long term parking lot repairs. If you haven’t already, inspect your parking lot for weak pavement areas now. Common problem areas include pavement cracking, heaving or settling, rutting, potholes, faded paint or oxidized pavement. All of these, if left untreated, can lead to extensive and costly damage. To ensure an accurate pavement evaluation enlist the help of a reputable parking lot maintenance contractor.

Bituminous Roadways, Inc. can not only assist you with getting your parking lot in tip-top shape for winter but help prioritize repairs so your maintenance budget is manageable. We can provide valuable assessments now to assist you in forecasting your 2017 maintenance budget.

The season for road construction is finally nearing its end, this means parking lots too! Contact BR at 651-686-7001 before it’s too late and get your pavement ready for winter!