Asphalt Owners Guide

Asphalt Owners Guide

If you’ve recently completed an asphalt paving project of any kind, you are enjoying a nice, smooth ride. In order to extend your return on investment, it is recommended to establish a pavement maintenance plan to help extend the service life of your asphalt.

The following Asphalt Owners Guide contains a brief overview of why distresses may occur in your pavement, why maintenance is crucial to your pavement, when to perform maintenance to maximize the service life of your pavement, and what maintenance may be needed based on the pavement’s condition.

Included in the Asphalt Owners Guide is a Pavement Condition Assessment. You can use this tool to complete a self-assessment of your pavement’s condition. The goal of this exercise is to look at each of the pavement’s distresses in detail and determine a rating for each. This will give you an indication of the severity of each distress. Based on the final numerical tally of the assessment, you will be able to somewhat determine if your pavement is in excellent, good, fair, poor or very poor condition.

For an in-depth Pavement Assessment, where cores are drilled, sub base samples are taken, and a complete report is provided, please contact BR at 651-686-7001 or complete the Contact Us form.

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