After reflecting on 2016, there is one word to describe it – challenging. This season proved to be one of the more difficult for scheduling asphalt paving, asphalt maintenance, concrete work, milling and grading. However, even though it was challenging, Bituminous Roadways pushed forward to produce quality work in a timely fashion for our customers.


How did we accomplish this? You might ask. There are three factors we take into account.

The first factor is timing. Our superintendents and foremen are constantly monitoring national weather service information in regards to rain and other weather conditions. Depending on where it’s raining or how long the rain is anticipated to fall, it’s possible we can move scheduled jobs around. This takes a tremendous amount of coordination, involving plant operators, trucking dispatch, and teams of crew members. Of course, when jobs are moved, the BR project managers are also involved as direct contacts with the customers.

Speaking of customers, the second factor is good customer service. Keeping our customers informed of change is a priority and we pride ourselves in developing good relationships with our customers. On a regular basis, project managers are in touch with the superintendents about job status. This information is then passed along to the customer in a timely fashion, especially if there is any sort of a rain or weather delay.

One customer in particular commented on this exact topic through our customer service satisfaction survey. “High quality work and everything was done per schedule and as needed. You were flexible with the constantly changing weather conditions this summer and always came through as needed,” Brendon S., McGough Construction.

The third factor is quality craftsmanship. BR has a long standing history of producing quality asphalt pavements. We do this by producing the best mix for the job and hiring talented, hardworking employees. If weather is a factor in our decision to not move forward with a project, we are doing so with full confidence that it is the right decision. We know asphalt, and we know what makes a good product. We will not compromise that due to weather.

A final reflection on 2016 – BR has an incredible staff of people who make this company what it is. From the guys out in the field to the people working at the plants, we extend our thanks to you. From the people in the shop who keep the machines running to the office staff who support them all, our gratitude to you. From the project managers securing jobs to the leadership guiding us all, our appreciation for your hard work.

Bituminous Roadways, Inc. is a commercial asphalt paving company. Our vision is to provide superior pavement solutions at the best value to the customer. Our goal is to be the best at what we do through the efforts of a skilled workforce using the latest equipment, technology, and materials. For a free estimate, contact 651-686-7001 or to see a gallery of our work, visit our gallery here.