Parking Lot Asphalt Repair and Replacement in Minneapolis, MN

As a global economic center, Minneapolis thrives and offers businesses an opportunity to do the same. But Minnesota’s cold winters often create potholes that mar daily commutes. Freezing and thawing conditions transform once-solid road surfaces into crumbling, pitted pathways.

If you oversee public roadways or private parking, make sure your customers or constituents have a smooth place to drive and park. Call the experts at Bituminous Roadways, Inc. in Minneapolis, MN for asphalt repair, replacement and repaving.

How We Serve You

At Bituminous Roadways, industrial and commercial roads are our only business. Since 1946, we’ve been building and repairing parking lots, highways, roads, and athletic surfaces.

To create driving and walking surfaces, we use America’s most trusted paving material—asphalt. Asphalt remains the top choice because it’s sustainable, cost-effective, and reliable. We can even teach you how to protect your asphalt against deterioration.

Where We Serve You

We know the Greater Twin Cities area extends far beyond the Minneapolis city limits. We’ll bring our expert paving services the entire metro and surrounding areas, including:

  • Bloomington
  • Edina
  • Minnetonka
  • St. Louis Park
  • Wayzata

Trust our experienced team to perform quality road repair for you. Call (651) 686-7001 for a free quote.

Bituminous Roadways, Inc.
(651) 686-7001
1520 Commerce Drive
Mendota Heights, MN 55120

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