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Customer Testimonials

“ Greetings! I'm a homeowner in .a Bloomington neighborhood that just received new streets and curbs. I wanted to take a moment to say "Thank You!" to all the people involved with this large project. Because I office out of my home, I was able to witness first hand the daily efforts of so many. I can say with all honesty that I will miss all the great people I got to see everyday, the people who made this happen.

From the Bloomington city crews to the BR people and all the subs, everyone exhibited a high level of pride and professionalism. Everyone we encountered made an effort to accommodate the daily needs of the homeowners affected by all the construction. As a business owner, I found myself incredibly impressed by such a hJgh level of customer service. What a remarkable example of government/private partnership, and what a masterful example of design, project management and execution ... and the end result is beautiful!

The work you do IS noticed and deeply appreciated. What my wife and I thought would be a long couple of months turned out to be a fun experience, one that gives us a much higher appreciation for the things we city dwellers take for granted. These are the kinds of projects we are happy to pay taxes for, because you were all such good stewards of our money. You left us with even more reasons to be proud of our great city and the way it conducts its business. ”
-Daniel K., Kantor Group (Customer Letter)

“ We’ve used your service before and trust in your work. ”
-Peter A., Road Machinery and Supplies (2016 Fall Customer Satisfaction Survey)

“ I was very happy that you squeezed us in with our tough schedule. The foreman was very helpful! ”
-Dave H., Church of St. Fransis De Sales (2016 Fall Customer Satisfaction Survey)

“ The guys did a great job, the grade into the tank is perfect! ”
-Doug W., CertainTeed (Customer Email)

“ Very impressed with your employees, the organization and the product you put out! Thanks so much for a great job you did at Gas For Less. ”
-Joe B. and Chris D., Gas For Less (Note on Customer Check)

“ BR pounded through the work and did a great job! I have several notes from community members reflecting satisfaction with the means and apparent quality of the work. Their site superintendents were easy to work with and were minimally intrusive to community circulation. Well done! ”
-Eric C., City of Mound (Customer Email)

“ This was my first association-wide asphalt project where ALL residents were going to be affected. I was SHOCKED to have no complaints for the homeowners! ”
-Cindy B, Keller Property Management (2016 Spring Customer Satisfaction Survey)

“ BR swept off the surrounding surfaces and kept the work area organized. This was very important because we continued to serve our hotel guests while the asphalt work was going on. ”
-Mike N, The Normandy Inn (2016 Spring Customer Satisfaction Survey)

“ I wanted the best, and you have a great reputation. ”
-Matt R, Mid-America Real Estate Co. (2016 Spring Customer Satisfaction Survey)

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