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Since 1946, Bituminous Roadways, Inc. has provided expert service for road repaving throughout Minneapolis, MN. Our pavers have decades of experience constructing and maintaining residential and commercial parking lots and highways. Work with experts in the paving industry by including us on your next paving project.

Paving Services We Offer

The professionals at Bituminous Roadways meet all the required specifications of all local, state, and federal highway construction projects—no matter how demanding or difficult.

Here are a few of our capabilities:

  • New construction and design
  • High volume urban highways
  • Highway construction and maintenance
  • Interstate freeway construction and maintenance
  • Low volume rural roadways
  • Public parks and parking lots
  • Pathways, trail ways, playgrounds, tennis courts, and running tracks

Bituminous Roadways has remained on the forefront of the asphalt industry since its inception. We are the leaders in our industry. We continually incorporate new technology to streamline the efficiency of the work we do and pass those savings onto our customers.

Trust Our Qualified and Experienced Professionals

The professionals at Bituminous Roadways built a company based on integrity. Our employees work hard to uphold that reputation, and we work hard to provide them with a safe environment to work in. Our skilled pavers employ the latest techniques while using state-of-the-art equipment and materials to lay asphalt that lasts for up to 50 years.

Our highways are an economical solution when comparing the life-cycle of our asphalt to the initial cost of paving.

Call one of our experts at (651) 686-7001 today for a free quote on your next highway paving project in Minneapolis, MN.


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