Pothole Patching Services for Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN

If you live or work in the MinneapolisSt. Paul metropolitan area, you’re no stranger to cold weather. But even though you might have acclimated to the low temperatures and the chilly winters, the asphalt in your city might not survive the winter unscathed. Freezing temperatures and ice can leave your parking lot or roadway dotted with unsightly potholes.

If you’re responsible for maintaining a heavily-used road or parking area and you need pothole repair services, turn to Bituminous Roadways, Inc. We serve municipal and commercial clients across the Twin Cities area and perform professional repairs with a meticulous attention to detail.

Restore Your Parking Lot to Pristine Condition

Potholes occur as water seeps through the asphalt and freezes into ice. As the water expands, it cracks the asphalt. Traffic that passes over the damaged area worsens the problem until a large pothole mars your once-perfect asphalt.

You might need pothole patching services after a severe winter or if your asphalt was poorly maintained or installed incorrectly. Without the proper sealing or the right drainage measures, your asphalt might not have the defenses necessary to keep potholes at bay.

No matter the reason for your pothole, it’s important to address the problem quickly. Potholes can damage cars, and a poorly maintained parking lot can frustrate customers.

Fortunately, at Bituminous Roadways, we offer parking lot pothole patching so your customers or employees can navigate your lot safely—and so your property looks perfect year-round.

Trust Bituminous Roadways to Get the Job Done

Since 1946, our local company has helped commercial and industrial clients across the region maintain their asphalt. We specialize in parking lots, but we’re happy to help with roadways, highways, and many other asphalt surfaces.

Along with repairing potholes in your parking lot, we offer maintenance services and sealcoating to help your parking lot avoid future damage.

When you need asphalt pothole patching done right, get in touch with our professionals at (651) 686-7001. We’ll offer a free quote for your Minneapolis- or St. Paul–area business, and then we’ll get to work helping your property stand out.

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