Keep Your Business Looking Sharp with Parking Lot Paving in Minneapolis, MN


Your customer interactions start long before they enter your doors. From the moment customers see your building, they start forming opinions and making judgments. If they drive into a crumbling, ill-kept parking lot, you risk making a bad impression. Impress your customers and invest in parking lot paving in Minneapolis, MN.

Choose a Professional Parking Lot Contractor

Highway paving is not the same as parking lot paving. Due to the size and shape, parking lots are notoriously difficult to pave. Choose a contractor that specializes in parking lots.

At Bituminous Roadways, Inc., we possess the equipment and know-how necessary to provide you with an incomparable parking lot. We can pave any configuration, and we offer drainage guarantees provided the design allows for at least a 1% slope.

Consider the Traffic Load

We build your parking lot to accommodate unexpected traffic. If your back area houses all of your trucks, you want heavy-duty pavement sections to handle the load. You need medium-duty sections for delivery vehicles, and light-duty sections for regular cars. Talk to us about where to expect different traffic levels.

Don’t forget occasional heavy traffic. It’s easy to forget regular visitors that exceed the capacity of light- or medium-duty pavement.

For example, if you hold a carnival in your back parking lot a few times a year, you’ll want heavy-duty pavement in that area to accommodate any irregular traffic. Additionally, make a note of garbage and inventory trucks.

Call Us Today

At Bituminous Roadways, Inc., we’ve provided parking lot installation, repair, and maintenance since 1946. We strive to offer you the best service and value every time we visit.

For top-quality parking lot repair in Minneapolis, MN, give us a call at (651) 686-7001 or fill out our online form for a free estimate.

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