Pavement Maintenance in Minneapolis, MN

Keeping your asphalt pavement properly maintained is crucial for any business. Without regular maintenance, water, sun, and traffic cause asphalt to erode. Although a solid foundation, quality asphalt mix, and professional installation can increase the life span of your pavement, it still needs regular attention and care.

At Bituminous Roadways, Inc., we want to preserve and enhance the life of your pavement. We do this through the following methods for paving maintenance in Minneapolis, MN.


Maintenance Methods

Patching: If the asphalt surface deteriorates in certain areas but does not have large-scale cracking, our professionals can offer patching service. This process removes potholes and other localized problems.


Cracksealing: As the seasons change, the asphalt expands and contracts with temperature fluctuations. Professionals seal the cracks with a rubberized sealant to prevent water from entering the asphalt’s base layer.

Sealcoating: We offer two types of seal coats. We recommend hot oil/chip-rock seal coats for commercial properties and roadways. Using this method, our professionals create a new surface by spreading a cover aggregate over a layer of hot asphalt emulsion.

We recommend asphalt emulsion seal coats for residential properties. Emulsion seal coats cost less, but have less durability and require more frequent application.


Overlaying: For areas with extensive damage, overlaying provides an entirely new layer of asphalt. Our professionals, first repair damaged areas and then add the new surface for a smooth overlay.


Bituminous Roadways can help recommend the best maintenance method for your road or property. We have been in business since 1946 and provide superior paving for parking lots, trails, apartment complexes, and roadways. You’ll benefit from our dedication to quality products and fair pricing. Call us today for paving maintenance in Minneapolis, MN at (651) 686-7001.

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