Asphalt Maintenance Tips for Your Convenience in Minnesota

Maintenance Tips

Knowing how to maintain and care for your asphalt can ensure durability, longevity, and quality. Look at these tips for basic solutions to common asphalt problems.

  • What causes asphalt to erode.
    • Water
    • Sun drying, or oxidation
    • Heavy traffic

Preventing Asphalt Deterioration

  • PatchingLarge Patch with skid steer
    • Adjusts local issues
    • When surface has weakened (i.e. potholes), patching is typically sufficient. To get best result for road smoothness or drainage, we recommend surface milling.
    • When the base (foundation) has weakened, stress cracks often show up. To ensure best results, the pavement should be taken away, the foundation looked at for thorough soundness, and then the surface replaced completely.
  • CracksealingImage of BR crew member crack sealing
    • Helps with water penetration and sun drying (oxidation)
    • Clinches the pavement to disable water penetration from foundation.
    • Due to seasonal change, asphalt enlarges and shrinks and thermal cracking can happen.
    • Cracksealing is a sealant that goes on after corners and edges are routed for optimum hold.
  • SealcoatingClose up photo of ashpalt pavement
    • Like crack sealing, sealcoating fights against water infiltration and oxidation
    • The Midwest has two basic seal coats:
      • The asphalt emulsion is like a black paint and is best for residential use. They are inexpensive, but don’t last as long and need frequent replacement. It is hard to use another method until this one is completely gone.
      • The chip rock or hot oil is beset for commercial and industrial use, especially roadway pavements. This uses an aggregate that covers a base layer of asphalt emulsion and forms a new surface.
  • OverlaysBR paving crew at Eagan Promenade

    • Helps fight against oxidation and water penetration with a strengthened, durable, smooth surface
    • Includes a new layer of asphalt, typically 1.5 to 2.5 inches thick over the existing road or parking lot
    • Goes beyond seal coating, with additional strength, curb appeal, drainage, and smoothness
    • It is best to repair existing damaged places because old damages will show up in the new overlay.
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