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History of Bituminous Roadways, Inc.

5. Paving_Black&White - CopyBituminous Roadways, Inc. (BR), founded by Al Wendell in 1946, began operations with a three-man crew and an asphalt plant in South Minneapolis. In the early days, the crew did primarily residential work. Today, BR performs work on solely commercial and industrial accounts throughout the Greater Twin Cities area.

In 1958, Palmer Peterson, a University of Minnesota student at the time, was hired as an asphalt estimator and taken under the wings of Al Wendell, a man Palmer would grow to think of as a father. Years of service, hard work, and increased responsibility would find Palmer Peterson president of BR. Today, and 70 years later, Palmer’s son Kent Peterson, carries on the tradition of ethical, progressive, and innovative business practices, set in place by Al and nurtured by the Peterson family. The Petersons think of themselves as a third generation company.

Bituminous Roadways has been at the forefront of the asphalt industry since its inception. With strong leadership, a drive to provide quality products, fair pricing, and efficient implementation of the latest technology and innovation, BR meets and exceeds industry standards. BR invented the first asphalt storage silo in 1965. In 1975, BR went “green” before recycling and environmental issues were at the forefront. BR was one of the first to recycle asphalt into HMA (hot mix asphalt) as well as at the forefront of recycling roofing shingles in 1996. BR continues to explore and implement the latest technologies to improve paving and remain a Twin Cities leader.


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