Biorestor—A Green Asphalt Pavement Rejuvenator Sealer


Introducing BIORESTOR®, a 100% natural, agricultural-based, clear, spray-on sealer designed to protect new asphalt surfaces from the effects of oxidizing and aging.

Bituminous Roadways, Inc. is proud to be Minnesota’s exclusive dealer of BIORESTOR®.




  • is a patented product that was designed to extend pavement life by protecting newer asphalt pavements from the primary effects of aging: Oxidation and Water.
  • is intended to be applied within 2 years to new pavement installations.
  • penetrates the pavement, the natural oils and formulated polymers work together to preserve the original properties of the asphalt and it seals the surface against air and water intrusion.
  • is virtually clear, restriping is not necessary.
  • is environmentally friendly and is a preferred product by the USDA.

For more detailed information and research on BIORESTOR, please visit their website:


BR staff applying BIORESTOR

BR staff applying BIORESTOR

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