Asphalt Repair Services in Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN

Asphalt is wonderfully durable and sturdy, but over several years of fluctuating temperatures and constant use, it can wear down, crack, and become damaged. Fortunately, asphalt is sustainable and can be easily repaired to keep your asphalt functional and strong, you need reliable, quality repairs.

Bituminous Roadways, Inc. offers excellent asphalt repair services to repair potholes, seal cracks, and restore your asphalt. Rely on us for your next asphalt repair in Minneapolis or St. Paul, MN.

Rely on Our Dependable Team

Potholes and other damages can create unsafe conditions for drivers and pedestrians, and if an asphalt repair is done poorly, it won’t last long.

At Bituminous Roadways, we use the proper equipment to ensure we provide our best work, and we utilize our own asphalt mixes to properly repair and restore any problem areas. Our team can repair the following:

  • Parking lots
  • Pavement areas for multi-family home complexes
  • Pathways and trails
  • Athletic surfaces, including tennis, pickleball and basketball courts, and running tracks.

Our experienced staff is also fully qualified to work on busy roadways and highways, and we work quickly and efficiently to minimize inconvenience and traffic problems.

Call on Our Experience

Bituminous Roadways has been in the industry for many decades, and we have spent years perfecting our processes and improving our services. Since 1946, we’ve continually strived for complete customer satisfaction, and we’re not happy until you are. We highly value integrity, honesty, and respect, and with us, you can expect courteous, friendly services.

Contact us today at 651-686-7001 to learn more about our services or discuss your next job with one of our competent staff members. Let us be your company of choice for expert asphalt repair services in St. Paul and Minneapolis, MN.

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