Teamwork. Teamwork is a word that comes to mind as we as a country celebrated Labor Day this past weekend.

Taking a deeper look into Bituminous Roadways, there are many different “laborers” who do the work to make this company stand out above the rest in the asphalt paving industry. There is no single person in this company who gets all the credit, everyone works hard and works together to deliver exceptional service and an outstanding product.


From our crews working on paving projects or patching parking lots, to the guys milling and grading, these are the people who get dusty and dirty every day. Some of these people are working jack hammers and driving skid steers all day. Then we have the concrete crews, working with forms and smoothing out material to create a perfectly level sidewalk.

Let’s not forget about the truck drivers, and the staff who manages this schedule. Getting trucks to and from the job sites is an essential part of the business.

Our mechanics, shop manager and shop administrator are top notch. They do everything they can to keep the equipment running so BR can be as efficient as possible. This even includes heavy machinery used to build roadways and pathways in the Twin Cities Metro area.

Speaking of efficiencies, the support staff at our three asphalt facilities monitor the material closely so we meet the specifications needed for each project. This ensures our customers are getting good quality asphalt material. The staff also run the scales, test material quality and maintain equipment.

Looking more behind the scenes, BR has staff to handle any size paving project from beginning to end. The first time a customer calls BR they will be greeted by the friendly voice of our front desk staff who will direct them to the appropriate estimator. The estimators then prepare bids and specifications for our customers, as well as become the main contact throughout the project. If needed, they call on our pavement engineer to perform pavement assessments. Our contract administrator staff prepares contracts, assigns job numbers and assists in invoicing clients for the work BR has completed. The accounting department ensures all of the billing is administered correctly and monitors budgets closely, while the information technology specialist digs deep into the internal processes of our business. Our director of safety is constantly communicating to our foreman and supervisors about safety protocol so we can keep paving projects moving forward with little or no injuries. Even more behind the scenes is our human resource manager, recruiting and retaining good employees, and the marketing coordinator, maintaining BR’s reputation as a leader in the asphalt paving industry.
Looking at the bigger picture are BR’s chief financial officer, president, and owner. BR is a company 70 years strong, and these three individuals continue to move this company forward with pride, innovation and respect for all of the “laborers” of BR.

When you hire BR for your asphalt paving or maintenance needs, rest assured, you are getting the best! For a free estimate, contact BR at 651-686-7001.

Mechanics from BR's shop in Mendota Heights, MN

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